Marriage in Ancient Greece


Ancient Greek Weddings

Making a chariot


Chariot idea


The first effort made out of thin card, string and old car wheels, horses from Reject Shop, Greek people using clip art from Greek Clip Art glue and scissors.

Chariot Finish

I decided to take out the boy and girl and put a Father and Daughter standing next to the Chariot (More glue and cutting!)







Girl * Father * Dowry


Final board for presentation


Ancient Greek Weddings
In Ancient Greece, around 400 B.C.E., young girls were given in marriage as soon as they reached puberty, about the age of 12 or 13. Fathers arranged for suitable husbands for their daughters.

The marriage ceremony in Ancient Greece was made up of three different phases. First, the young girl who was given in marriage was separated from her childhood household called the "oikos." Then she would transition to the home of her husband and his family. The last phase of the ceremony would be the shift of her new role as wife to her husband and "daughter" to her husband's parents. The focus of all the festivities and ceremonies was the bride and her transition to her new household and her new master. As a child, her father was master, but now her husband was her new master or "kyrios."




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