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Unit 1 ICAU1128B Operate A Personal Computer 20 Hours


In these classes I use Worksheets and Web Quests as the main source, many worksheets can be used across several ICT lessons so in some instances the students may have already undertaken the work in Cert II IT or Cert II Bus or in ICT classes like AIT

Worksheets explain the elements of the topic with questions and test sections for students to answer

Web Quests cover topics where students must find information on the Internet or in Resource material and answer all questions.



About the unit

Complete the training sections skills provided and then complete the lessons or tasks (20 hours)

Warning these lessons may no longer be acceptable, they were written 2004 - 2011 and may have subsequently been superseded


Lesson Worksheet Hours Tasks Test Assessment or Exam
about computers   Power Point - Everything you need to know about computers  
Set up your portfolio Folder
Setup the portfolio folder
C2IT01_00 CertII IT Labels
1.1 Check peripheral device connections for correct position
1.2 Switch on power at both the power point and computer
First test
01_02 Computer Hardware Quiz S
01_03 Computer Peripherals Quiz S
01_04 Computer Operating System Quiz S
How to use a mouse
How to set up a printer
The computer basic
computer basic test
WBQ102 Web Quest How Computers Work S
computer basic
WKS107 Computer Basics Quiz S
computer basic
WKS108 Computer Input Devices S
computer basic
WKS109 Computer Output Devices S
computer basic
WKS110 Personal Computer Quiz S
computer basic
WKS112 WP Software Quiz S
computer basic
WKS114 Computer Terminology Quiz S

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1.1 Check peripheral device connections for correct position
1.2 Switch on power at both the power point and computer
2. Access basic system information
2.1 Insert user name and password as prompted and note access, privacy, security and related conditions of use displayed on introductory screens
2.2 Navigate through the operating system to access system information to identify system configuration and application versions in operation
2.3 Use on-line help functions as required
3. Navigate and manipulate desktop environment
3.1 Create and customise desktop icons
3.2 Select, open and close desktop icons to access application programs
3.3 Manipulate application windows and return desktop to original condition
4. Organise basic directory/folder structure and files
4.1 Create and name directories and subdirectories
4.2 Identify attributes of directories
4.3 Move subdirectories between directories
4.4 Rename directories as required
4.5 Access directories and subdirectories via different paths
5. Organise files for user and/or organisation requirements
5.1 Use system browser to search drives for specific files
5.2 Access the most commonly used types of files in the directories
5.3 Select, open and rename groups of files as required
5.4 Move files between directories
5.5 Copy files to disk
5.6 Restore deleted files as necessary
5.7 Erase and format disks as necessary
6. Print information 6.1 Add a printer if required and ensure correct printer settings
6.2 Change the default printer if appropriate
6.3 Print information from an installed printer
6.4 View and delete progress of print jobs as required
7. Shut down computer
7.1 Save any work to be retained and close all open application programs correctly
7.2 Shut down computer correctly

Homework for ICT for Cert II IT, AIT 1a &1b, AIT 2a & 2b, AIT 3a & 3b, Multimedia
HWT101 = Homework Term 1 Week 1 - HWT304 = Homework Term 3 Week 4
various ICT topics covered most for higher level ICT work (S = Solutions)
Term 1 Give Homework Tests Throughout the year About 2-3 test per term
Week 1 HWT101_Computers Q HWT101_Computers S
Week 2 HWT101_Computers_Test HWT101_Computers_Test S
Week 2 HWT102_Computer_Software Q

HWT102_Computer_Software S

Week 3 HWT102_Computer_Software Test HWT102_Computer_Software Test S
Week 3 HWT103_Digital Media Q

HWT103_Digital Media S

Week 4 HWT104_Networks_Internet Q HWT104_Networks_Internet S
Week 5 HWT105_Computers_In_Education Q HWT105_Computers_In_Education S
Week 6 HWT106_Comunication Q HWT106_Comunication S
Week 7 HWT106_Comunication Test HWT106_Comunication Test S
Week 7 HWT107_LAN_Networks Q HWT107_LAN_Networks S
Week 8 HWT108_Internet Q HWT108_Internet S
Week 8 HWT108_Internet Test HWT108_Internet Test S
Week 9 HWT109_World_Wide_Web Q HWT109_World_Wide_Web S
Week 10 HWT110_Searching_the_Web Q HWT110_Searching_the_Web S
Week 11 HWT111_Multimedia_and_Web Q HWT111_Multimedia_and_Web S
Week 12 HWT112_Netiquette Q HWT112_Netiquette S
Term 2 Homework semester break HWT113 The Digital Home
Week 1 HWT113 The Digital Home S
Week 1 HWT201_Applications Q HWT201_Applications S
Week 2 HWT201_Applications Test HWT201_Applications Test S
Week 2 HWT202_Software Q HWT202_Software S
Week 3 HWT203_Using_Software Q HWT203_Using_Software S
Week 3 HWT203_Using_Software Test
Week 4 HWT204_Word_&_Excel Q HWT204_Word_&_Excel S
Week 4 HWT204_Word_&_Excel Test HWT204_Word_&_Excel Test S
Week 5 HWT205_Database_Software Q HWT205_Database_Software S
Week 5 HWT205_Database_Software Test HWT205_Database_Software Test S
Week 6 HWT206_Graphics_Multimedia Q HWT206_Graphics_Multimedia S
Week 7 HWT207_Presentation_Graphics Q HWT207_Presentation_Graphics S
Week 8 HWT208_Reference Software Q HWT208_Reference Software S
Week 9 HWT209_Learning Aids Q HWT209_Learning Aids S
Term 3 Give Homework Tests Throughout the year About 2 test per term
Week 1 HWT301_Bits_and_Bytes Q HWT301_Bits_and_Bytes S
Week 2 HWT302_CPU_and_Memory Q HWT302_CPU_and_Memory S
Week 3 HWT303_Input_Keyboards Q HWT303_Input_Keyboards S
Week 4 HWT304_Input_Pointing_Devices Q HWT304_Input_Pointing_Devices S
Week 5 HWT305_Output_Devices Q HWT305_Output_Devices S
Week 6 HWT306_Monitors_and_Printers Q HWT306_Monitors_and_Printers S
Week 7 HWT307_Storage_and_Drives Q HWT307_Storage_and_Drives S
Week 8 HWT308_Other Storage Media Q HWT308_Other Storage Media S
Term 3 Give Homework Tests Throughout the year About 2 test per term
Week 1 HWT401_Digital_Media Q HWT401_Digital_Media S
Week 2 HWT402_Electronic_Books Q HWT402_Electronic_Books S
Week 3 HWT403_Digital_Media_WWW Q HWT403_Digital_Media_WWW S
Week 4 HWT404_Web-Based_Training Q HWT404_Web-Based_Training S
Week 5 HWT405_Computer_Viruses Q HWT405_Computer_Viruses S
Week 6 HWT406_Viruses_Removal Q HWT406_Viruses_Removal S
Week 7 HWT407_ Copyright_Laws Q HWT407_ Copyright_Laws S
Week 7 HWT407_ Copyright_Laws Test HWT407_ Copyright_Laws Test S


Documents in MS Word and MS Excel

Operate 1* Health 2 * Design 3 * Hardware 4 * Packages 5 * Integrate 6 * System 7

Effective 8 * Communicate 9 * Connect 10 * Maintain 11 * Internet 12 * Work 13 * Image 14





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