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Unit 03 ICAD2012B Design organisational documents

using computing packages 40 hours


In these classes I use Worksheets and Web Quests as the main source, many worksheets can be used across several ICT lessons so in some instances the students may have already undertaken the work in Cert II IT or Cert II Bus or in ICT classes like AIT

Worksheets explain the elements of the topic with questions and test sections for students to answer

Web Quests cover topics where students must find information on the Internet or in Resource material and answer all questions.



This unit defines the competency required to produce organisational documents using application software within
organisational guidelines, procedures and policies.

Lesson Worksheet Hours Tasks Hours Test Assessment or Exam Hours
WKS 100 Cover Page Set Up          
MWP 130 Create a Letter 03_02 Audio Copyright Quiz Q 03_02 Audio Copyright Quiz S
03_03_Basic_File_Management MWP 131 Letter Sample MWP 110 Basic Word Exercises
WKS104 All about Colour MWP 116 Recruitment Brochure MWP 119 Create a Newsletter
WKS105 Design Principles MWP 117 Travel Company Exercise MWP 122 Create NSW Flyer
MWP 101 Header and Footer MWP 118 Using the DataMerge MWP 123 Create a poster
MWP 102 Calendar Sample 03_01 Desktop Publishing Tricks MWP 124 Australian Mammals test
MWP 103 Mail Merge MWP 127 Create a 3 Fold Brochure MWP 125 Word TOC Australian Cities
MWP 104 Reference Fields
MWP 106 Tab Settings MWP 133 Create a Resume MWP 126 Word Processing Test Q
MWP 107 Table Tools MWP 126 Word Processing Test S
MXL001 Exercise 01 surname MWP 128 Take the Office Quiz  
MXL002 Text & Merge Sports MXL002 Text & Merge Sports S
MWP 129 Take the Office Quiz S  
MXL003 Text & Merge Shares MXL003 Text & Merge Shares S
APS101 Photoshop Selections APS104 Photoshop The Pen Tool
APS114 Photoshop Creating a Simple Valentine  
APS108 post production instructions  
APS130 Photoshop Venice Q   venice start.psd   Photoshop_Images  




Course information link to course


Sample Documents, policies and templates may be downloaded from the Valley View Company (simulated); HP; OKI Printing Solutions (Real workplaces) and of course Microsoft Office.

Sample Business Document Templates

Microsoft Business Templates - Word
Microsoft Business Templates Excel
MS Online Brochure Templates
MS Online Creating Company Letterhead  

HP Letterhead Templates

Sample Style Guide


Training Sessions

Various training sessions from Microsoft Office for 2007 or 2003 can be located below.  For areas that students are not confident in, please visit this site and watch the videos and demos.


Documents in MS Word and MS Excel

Operate 1* Health 2 * Design 3 * Hardware 4 * Packages 5 * Integrate 6 * System 7

Effective 8 * Communicate 9 * Connect 10 * Maintain 11 * Internet 12 * Work 13 * Image 14





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