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Unit 06 ICAU2013A Integrate Commercial computing packages 25 hours


In these classes I use Worksheets and Web Quests as the main source, many worksheets can be used across several ICT lessons so in some instances the students may have already undertaken the work in Cert II IT or Cert II Bus or in ICT classes like AIT

Worksheets explain the elements of the topic with questions and test sections for students to answer

Web Quests cover topics where students must find information on the Internet or in Resource material and answer all questions.



An individual demonstrating this competency, may use pre-existing data (e.g. documents, spreadsheet data, data from database tables) or create new data when integrating the application packages.
The breadth, depth and complexity of knowledge and skills in this competency would prepare a person to perform in a range of varied activities or knowledge applications where there is a clearly defined range of contexts in which the choice of actions required is usually clear. There would generally be limited complexity in the range of operations to be applied.


Lesson Worksheet Hours Tasks / Tests Hours Test or Exam Solutions Hours
WKS 100 Cover Page Set Up    
06_01 Basic File_Management          
MXL000 Introduction   MXL120 Excel Test Budget 1 MXL120 Excel Budget Test S  
MWP 114 Using Toolbars   MXL016 Test 1 Country Club   MXL016 Test 1 Country Club S  
MWP 115 Drop Caps review   MXL011 Car loan PMT   MXL011 Car loan PMT S  
MWP 116 Recruitment Brochure   MXL013 CountIf   MXL013 CountIf S  
MWP 101 Header and Footer          
MWP 103 Mail Merge   MWP 125 Word TOC Australian Cities      
MWP 127 Create a 3 Fold Brochure   MWP 126 Word Processing Test Q   MWP 126 Word Processing Test S  
MWP 130 Create a Letter          
MWP 133 Create a Resume   WKS115 Desktop Publishing Quiz   WKS115 Desktop Publishing Quiz S  
ADI 100 Illustrator Intro Balloons   ADI 108 Illustrator Pen Tool   pen tool images  
ADI 101 Illustrator Creating a Scene   11_04 Take the Office Quiz   11_04 Take the Office Quiz's  
11_06 calendar start   11_06 Make a calendar      
    ADI 105 Illustrator Creating a Cartoon Face   ADI 106 Illustrator Advanced Creating a Cartoon Face  





Documents in MS Word and MS Excel

Operate 1* Health 2 * Design 3 * Hardware 4 * Packages 5 * Integrate 6 * System 7

Effective 8 * Communicate 9 * Connect 10 * Maintain 11 * Internet 12 * Work 13 * Image 14





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