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Unit 10 ICAS2014B Connect Hardware Peripherals 25 hours


In these classes I use Worksheets and Web Quests as the main source, many worksheets can be used across several ICT lessons so in some instances the students may have already undertaken the work in Cert II IT or Cert II Bus or in ICT classes like AIT

Worksheets explain the elements of the topic with questions and test sections for students to answer

Web Quests cover topics where students must find information on the Internet or in Resource material and answer all questions.



This unit defines the competency required to connect hardware peripherals according to instructions.

Printers, scanners, tape cartridges
Speakers, multimedia kits
Personal computer, modems
Input equipment may include mouse, touch pad, keyboard, pens
Mobile phones, palmtop's and personal digital assistants (PDA's), laptops, and desktop computers
Bluetooth devices, universal serial bus (USB), Firewire (IEEE 1394)
personal use of emails and internet access
content of emails
downloading information and accessing particular web sites
opening mail with attachments
virus risk (MS windows OS and Mac OS only)
dispute resolution
document procedures and templates
communication methods
financial control mechanisms

Warning these lessons may no longer be acceptable, they were written 2004 - 2011 and may have subsequently been superseded


Lesson Worksheet Hours Tasks Test Assessment or Exam
EXAM001 All About Computers Q
Test on computers with help pages included EXAM001 All About Computers S
      Excellent resource to all units





Documents in MS Word and MS Excel

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