History Worksheet 4

The use of computers to present important news in different ways

The groups will be split into three and each group will be allocated a topic.

One group will investigate Main Frame and any presented news on the computer,

Group 2 will look at news on Personal Computers (Email)

Group 3 will investigate Lap Top computers and the Internet.

All groups may alternatively look at recent development on each computer platform to see if news or information is portrayed differently as technology progressed.

Students will investigate the way programs were used on computers from the early days of computers to today’s lap tops, and will look at Email as a news and information source; they will investigate spamming, internet news and how mobile phones are used to send SMS messages

Students will present a report of their findings to class and discuss the social implications of their respective computer era.

Step one will be to write a news sheet and prepare it for Email, step two make up a web page that would offer a range of news items.

Some sites to start your search

Use headings to find more resources

Group 1 Main frame Computers

1960’s Main frame Computers

Group 2 Personal computers

1990’s Personal computers

Group 3 Lap top computers


5 minutes
Introduction and group selection
15 minutes

Group investigation

Students will be allowed 15 minutes to research their topic and will be provided with links to web sites and with materials of the period.

15 minutes

Group preparation

Students given 15 minutes preparation time and will present and prepare their findings to the class.

10 minutes
Group discussion next session. Students will then analyse different methods that could have been employed for different social effects, i.e. panic news, constrained news, information news, sensationalising the news.
5 minutes
Conclusion - Students will then discuss the social implications of each presentation and how this form of media affected those involved. Students will consider the next form of news media - radio



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