Antonyms opposites

words that are opposite

Reverse Alphabetical
absent present   acquit convict
abundance scarcity   adulterated pure
accelerate retard   adversity prosperity
accept reject, refuse   age youth
active passive   agitated motionless
acute obtuse   alive dead
adult child   ancient modern
advance retreat, retire   answer question
affirmative negative   antagonist colleague
agree contradict   antidote poison
all none   artificial natural
ally enemy   awake asleep
amateur professional   back front
analysis synthesis   bad good
ancestor progeny   base apex
ancestry posterity   base heroic
antecedent consequent   base summit
apex base   beautiful ugly
appear vanish   behind before
appoint dismiss   blame praise
apprehend release   bold bashful
arrival departure   borrow lend
arrive depart   bottom top
ascend descend   captivity freedom
asleep awake   centripetal centrifugal
assemble disperse   chaos order
assent dissent   child adult
attack defend   chubby, stout slim
attract distract   clear cloudy
barren fruitful   come go
bashful bold   command obey
before behind   common proper
begin end, cease   complex simple
benediction malediction   concave convex
benevolent malevolent   consecutive concurrent
better worse   consequent antecedent
big small   contract expand
black white   contradict agree
bless curse   cooked raw
blessing disaster   counterfeit genuine
bow stern   cowardice bravery
bravery cowardice   cowardice valour
bright dull   creditor debtor
busy idle   crooked straight
buy sell   curse bless
caution recklessness   dear, expensive cheap
celestial terrestrial   death life
centrifugal centripetal   debtor creditor
certain doubt   decrease increase
cheap dear, expensive   defeat victory
clean dirty   defend attack
cloudy clear   defendant complainant
coarse fine   deficit surplus
cold hot   depart arrive
colleague antagonist   departure arrival
common rare   depth height
complainant defendant   descend ascend
compulsory optional   despair hope
compulsory voluntary   die live
conceal reveal   difficult, hard easy
concurrent consecutive   diligent indolent
condemn exonerate   dirty clean
confine release   disagreeable pleasant
confusion orderliness   disaster blessing
consent dissent   discord harmony
convex concave   dislike enjoy
convict acquit   dismiss appoint
creditor debtor   dismiss employ
daily nightly   dismiss engage
danger safety   disperse assemble
dawn dusk   dissent assent
day night   dissent consent
dead alive   distract attract
debtor creditor   divide multiply
deep shallow   doubt certain
dry wet   drone worker
dynamic static   dull bright
eager reluctant   dusk dawn
early late   dwarf giant
earth sea   ebb flow
east west   end, cease begin
easy difficult, hard   enemy ally
economy extravagance   enemy, foe friend
emigrant immigrant   epilogue prologue
employ dismiss   error truth
engage dismiss   evening morning
enjoy dislike   example precept
entrance exit   exclude include
everywhere nowhere   exhale inhale
exact inaccurate   exit entrance
excess shortage   exonerate condemn
expand contract   exotic indigenous
extravagance thrift   exterior interior
familiar strange   extravagance economy
fat thin, lean   failure success
find lose   fall, sink rise
first last   false true
flow ebb   far, distant near
force, compel persuade   feeble powerful
foreign native   feeble, delicate robust
former latter   few many
freedom captivity   final initial
fresh stale   fine coarse
friend enemy, foe   finish start
front back   flexible rigid
future past   follow lead
gaiety melancholy   folly wisdom
gay grave   foolish, stupid smart, clever
generous mean, selfish   forget remember
Gentile Jew   friendly hostile
genuine counterfeit   frown smile
giant dwarf   fruitful barren
give take   grave gay
go come   greatest least
good bad   guess think
graceful hideous   hate, hatred love
guilty innocent   Heaven hell
happy sad   heavy, darkness light
hard soft   heterodox orthodox
harmony discord   hideous graceful
health sickness, disease   hinder help
height depth   hot cold
hell Heaven   humble proud
help hinder   idle busy
here there   ignorance knowledge
heroic base   illegal lawful
hide show   imaginary real
high low   immigrant emigrant
higher lower   inaccurate exact
hill valley   indigent prosperous
hit miss   indiscretion prudence
hope despair   industrious lazy
hostile friendly   inferior superior
incessantly rarely   innocent guilty
include exclude   insincere ingenuous
increase decrease   intoxicated sober
indigenous exotic   intractible submissive
indolent diligent   Jew Gentile
industry sloth   last first
ingenuous insincere   late early
inhale exhale   latter former
initial final   laugh weep
inner outer   learn teach
inside outside   left right
interior exterior   limited spacious
join, unite separate   longitude latitude
joy sorrow, grief   longitudinal transverse
junior senior   lose find
knowledge ignorance   lose win
land water   loss profit, gain
latitude longitude   low high
lawful illegal   lower higher
lazy industrious   lower upper
lead follow   malediction benediction
least greatest   malevolent benevolent
lend borrow   maximum minimum
level steep   mean, selfish generous
liberty slavery   melancholy gaiety
life death   minority majority
light heavy, darkness   miss hit
liquid solid   mourn, grieve rejoice
liquid solid   moving stationary
live die   narrow wide
long short   native foreign
loud soft   negative affirmative
love hate, hatred   new old
lovely repulsive   night day
majority minority   nightly daily
many few   noisy quiet
master servant   none all
minimum maximum   nowhere everywhere
miser spendthrift   obtuse acute
modern ancient   occidental oriental
monogamy polygamy   occupied vacant
monotony variety   old young
morning evening   optional compulsory
motionless agitated   orderliness confusion
mountain plain   outer inner
multiply divide   outside inside
natural artificial   overdue premature
near far, distant   pain pleasure
negative positive   passenger pedestrian
noise silence   passive active
north south   past future
novice veteran   peaceful pugnacious
numerous sparse   periodically regularly
obey command   persuade force, compel
obligatory voluntary   pessimist optimist
often seldom   plain mountain
old new   plural singular
open shut, close   polygamy monogamy
optimist pessimist   populated sparse
order chaos   populous solitary
oriental occidental   positive negative
orthodox heterodox   posterity ancestry
pale ruddy   practice theory
pardon punish   present absent
peace war   private public
pedestrian passenger   profane sacred
permanent temporary   professional amateur
pleasant disagreeable   progeny ancestor
pleasure pain   punish pardon
poison antidote   punishment reward
polite saucy   rare common
polite rude   rarely incessantly
poor rich   recklessness caution
poverty riches   reject, refuse accept
powerful feeble   release apprehend
praise blame   release confine
precept example   reluctant eager
predecessor successor   repulsive lovely
premature overdue   rest work
profit, gain loss   retard accelerate
prolific sterile   retreat, retire advance
prologue epilogue   retrospective prospective
proper common   reveal conceal
prose verse   rich poor
prospective retrospective   riches poverty
prosperity adversity   ruddy pale
prosperous indigent   rude polite
proud humble   sad happy
prudence indiscretion   safety danger
public private   saucy polite
pugnacious peaceful   scarcity abundance
pure adulterated   sea earth
question answer   seldom often
quick slow   sell buy
quiet noisy   senior junior
raw cooked   separate join, unite
real imaginary   servant master
regularly periodically   shallow deep
rejoice mourn, grieve   short long
remember forget   shortage excess
reward punishment   show hide
right wrong   shut, close open
right left   sickness, disease health
rigid flexible   silence noise
rise fall, sink   sinner saint
robust feeble, delicate   slavery liberty
rough smooth   sloth industry
rural urban   slow quick
sacred profane   small big
saint sinner   smooth rough
simple complex   soft hard
singular plural   soft loud
slender stout   solid liquid
slim chubby, stout   solid liquid
smart, clever foolish, stupid   sorrow, grief joy
smile frown   sour, acid, bitter sweet
sober intoxicated   south north
solitary populous   sparse numerous
spacious limited   spendthrift miser
sparse populated   stale fresh
start finish   static dynamic
stationary moving   steep level
straight crooked   sterile prolific
submissive intractible   stern bow
success failure   stout slender
summer winter   strange familiar
summit base   strong weak
superior inferior   successor predecessor
surplus deficit   succumb survive
survive succumb   synthesis analysis
sweet sour, acid, bitter   take give
teach learn   tame wild
theory practice   temporary permanent
these those   terrestrial celestial
think guess   that this
this that   there here
top bottom   thin, lean fat
transparent translucent, opaque   those these
transverse longitudinal   thrift extravagance
truth error   translucent, opaque transparent
  unpardonable venial
ugly beautiful   urban rural
upper lower   valley hill
vacant occupied   vanish appear
valour cowardice   vanquished victor
venial unpardonable   variety monotony
victor vanquished   verse prose
victory defeat   veteran novice
virtue vice   vice virtue
wax wane   voluntary compulsory
weak strong   voluntary obligatory
weep laugh   wane wax
wide narrow   war peace
wild tame   water land
win lose   west east
wisdom folly   wet dry
within without   white black
work rest   winter summer
worker drone   without within
young old   worse better
youth age   wrong right




For those students that presented work on English we gathered a lot of useful reference information that became a STUDENT's COMPENDIUM here are some samples of student work

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Please note there are some excellent links to assist with these pages

see at the end for the links for further information. 

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