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There are, surprisingly, very few nations in the world named after an actual person.

Among those are Bolvis, for Simon Bolivar;

Columbia, for Christopher Columbus;

Nicaragua, for Chief Nicarao,

Liechtenstein, for Johann von Liechtenstein;

Saudi Arabia, for King Saud

Philippines, named after King Philip.

The United States of America got its name from Amerigo Vespucci.

and Names
Aberdeen The Granite City
Africa The Dark Continent
Alappuzha The Venice of the East
Allahabad The City of God
Amritsar The City of the Golden Temple
Andalusia The Granary of Spain
Arizona The Copper State
Athens The Eye of Greece
Atlantic Ocean Herring Pond
Australia The Land of the Eucalyptus
Australia The Land of the Golden Fleece
Australia The Land of the Kangaroo
Azores The Island of the Hawks
Bab-el-Mandab Gate of Tears
Baghdad City of the Arabian Nights
Bahrain Island of Pearls
Barbados The Land of the Flying Fish
Belgium Cockpit of Europe
Belgium The Battlefield of Europe
Belgrade White City
Bhutan The Land of Thunderbolt
Boston The Hub of the Universe
British Colombia The Sea of Mountains
Canaan The Land of Milk and Honey
Canaan The Promised Land
Canada Land of Lilies/Land of Maples
Canada Our Lady of Snow
Canada The Bread Basket of the Empire
Chicago The Meat Market of the World
Chicago Windy City
China The Celestial Empire
China The Land of Han
Connecticut The Nutmeg State
Corrcgidor The Gibraltar of the Pacific
Costa Rica Rich Coast
County of Kent The Garden of England
Cuba The Pearl of the Antilles
Cuba The Sugar Mill of the Antilles
Damascus The Pearl of the Orient
Danube, Deep Gorge The Iron Gates
Delaware Blue Hen State
Denmark The Dairy of Northern Europe
Denmark The Mother-in-law of Europe
Detroit The Automobile Capital of the World
Dhaka City of Mosques
Edinburgh The Athens of the North
Egypt The Gift of the Nile
Finland The Land of Thousand Lakes
Gibraltar Pillars of Hercules
Gibraltar The Key of the Mediterranean
Grenada The Spice Island of the West
Haiti Mountainous Country
Hawaii The Halfway House of the Pacific
Hawaii The Halfway House of the Pacific
Holland The Land of the Dykes
Holland The Land of the Tulips
Holland The Land of the Dykes
Holland The Land of the Tulips
Hwang Ho River Sorrow of China/Yellow River
Ireland Hibernia
Ireland The Emerald Isle
Jaipur Pink City
Jamaica The Isle of Springs
Japan The Land of the Rising Sun
Jerusalem The Holy City
Johannesburg The Golden City
Juan Fernandez (Tobago) Robinson Crusoe's Island
Kent (England) Garden of England
Kerala Spice Garden of India
Kiev The Mother City of Russia
Kimberlcy The Diamond City
Kochi Queen of the Arabian Sea
Korea Hermit Kingdom
Korea The Land of Morning Calm
Lancashire County Palatine
Lapland The Land of the Midnight Sun
Le Havre The Liverpool of France
Leyden Athens of the West
Liege The Birmingham of Belgium
Lodz The Manchester of Poland
London The Modern Babylon
Madrid Winter Icehouse and Summer Furnace
Malta The George Cross Island
Mexico The Storehouse of the World
Moluccas The Spice Islands
Morocco, Algeria,Tunisia and Algiers The Barbary States
Mumbai Gateway of India
Mumbai The Barbary States
Myanmar The Land of the Golden Pagoda
Myanmar Gateway of India
Nevada The Silver State
Nevada The Land of the Golden Pagoda
New Haven City of Elms
New Haven The Silver State
New Jersey The Garden State
New Jersey City of Elms
New York Citv of Skyscrapers
New York The Garden State
New Zealand City of Skyscrapers
New Zealand The Antipodes
Nilgiri Hills The Land of the Long White Cloud
Norway Blue Mountains
Oxford (U.K.) The Land of the Midnight Sun
Palestine City of Dreaming Spires
Pamirs Holy Land
Philadelphia Quaker City
Prairies of North America The World's Bread Basket
Prairies of North Australia The Never Never Land
Puerto Rico Rich Port
Punjab The Land of Five Rivers
River Damodar Bengal's Sorrow
Rome City of Seven Hills
Rome The Eternal City/The Holy City
Rouen The Manchester of France
San Francisco City of the Golden Gate
San Francisco Bengal's Sorrow
Scotland Caledonia
Scotland The Land of Oat Cakes
Scotland City of Seven Hills
Siberia. Land of Forrests (More than 25 percent of the world's forests are in Siberia)
Spain and Portugal The Iberian Peninsula
St Kitts The Mother Colony of the West Indies
St Paul and Minneapolis The Twin Cities of the Mississippi
Stockholm The Venice of the North
Stromboli The Lighthouse of the Mediterranean
Sveaborg The Gibraltar of the North
Sweden The Saw Mill of Europe
Switzerland The Playground of Europe
Thailand The Land of the White Elephants
Thebes Valley of Kings
Tibet The Roof of the World
Trinidad The Land of the Humming Bird
Tristan da Cunha World's Loneliest Island
Tunisia and Algiers The Barbary States
Turkey Sick Man of Europe
Varanasi The Holy City of the Hindus
Venezuela Little Venice
Venice The Bride of the Sea
Venice The Queen of the Adriatic
Virginia Garden of America
Virginia Old Dominion
Washington DC City of Magnificent Distance
West Africa The White Man's Grave
Zanzibar Island of Cloves

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There are two independent nations, both in Europe, that are smaller than Central Park in New York City. They are Vatican City and Monaco. Each is less than one square mile. The next three smallest countries are Bauru, eight square miles, in the western Pacific Ocean; Tuvalu, ten square miles, the Southwest Pacific; and San Marino, 24 square miles, in Europe.


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Cyprus has a map on it's flag.


Nepal is the only country without a rectangular flag (it looks like two pennants glued on on top of the other).

Libya has the only flag which is all one color with no writing or decoration on it.

Australia is the richest source of mineral sands in the world. Source: Benn Skender

Iowa is the only state bordered on both east and west entirely by rivers. (Mississippi on the east, Missouri and Big Sioux on the west.)

I, Q, and X are the only letters that don't start a city that ends in -ville in the state of Ohio. i.e. Brownsville, Zanesville, etc.

As oceanographers have known for many years—but now can “see”—the Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific and Indian Oceans. ... Near most coastlines and inland seas in the map, waters appear much fresher or saltier than in open-ocean locations.


     In 1771 the kingdom of Poland was larger in area than any other European country except Russia, and had a bigger population of any other European country except France. But within 25 years it had vanished from the map.

     In 1772, Russia, Prussia and Austria between them annexed about one-fifth of Poland. Twenty years later Russia took over half of what remained, and all three powers shared in the final carve-up in 1795. It was not until 1918, in the aftermath of the First World War, that an independent Poland surfaced again, to be overrun yet again in 1939. Source: "Reader's Digest Book of Facts"

The bridge of Sighs, most famous of the 400 bridges in Venice, Italy, connects the Dodge's palace to the old state prisons and the place of execution. It was built in 1600 and is believed to have got its name from the sigh of the condemned. Source:


Today the federal government owns and manages roughly 640 million acres of land in the United States, or roughly 28% of the 2.27 billion total land acres.

The Philippine flag is displayed with its blue field on top in times of peace. When war is declared, it is flown with the red field on top. Source: "Selwyn Clyde Alojipan"

The capital of Portugal was moved to Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil (at the time a colony of Portugal) from 1807 until 1821 while Portugal was fighting france in the Napoleonic Wars. Source: "Knowledge in a Nutshell"

If the world's total land area was divided equally among the world's people, each person would get 8.5 acres.

Maine is the toothpick capital of the world.

Seoul, the South Korean capital, just means "the capital" in the Korean language.

Libya is the only country in the world with a solid, single-colored flag -- it's green.

Panama hats come from Ecuador not Panama.

Ogdensburg, New York is the only city in the United States situated on the St. Lawrence River.

St. Paul, Minnesota was originally called Pigs Eye after a man who ran a saloon there.

The Boston University Bridge (on Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts) is the only place in the world where a boat can sail under a train driving under a car driving under an airplane. Source: "Random Trivia" fact contributed by Jim Cobb

Rhode Island is the smallest state with the longest name. The official name, used on all state documents, is Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

The state of Maryland has no natural lakes.

Seattle, Washington, like Rome, was built on seven hills.

Kitsap County, Washington, was originally called Slaughter County, and the first hotel there was called the Slaughter House.

The coast line around Lake Sakawea in North Dakota is longer than the California coastline along the Pacific Ocean

Brooklyn is the Dutch name for "broken valley"

There are four states where the first letter of the capital city is the same letter as the first letter of the state: Dover, Delaware; Honolulu, Hawaii; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Lake Nicaragua boasts the only fresh-water sharks in the entire world.

The only city in the United States to celebrate Halloween on the October 30 instead of October 31 is Carson City, Nevada. October 31 is Nevada Day and is celebrated with a large street party.

Eleven square miles of southwest Kentucky (Fulton County) is cut off from the rest of the state by the Mississippi River. If you wish to travel from this cut off section to the rest of the state or vice-versa, you must first cross a bordering state.





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