Names of Persons or things

White fuel

Water power

April gentleman

A newly-married man

Scotland Yard

The detective department of the London Metropolitan Police Force

The Father of the waters

The River Nile

King of the -waters

The River Amazon

King of the jungle

The tiger

King of beasts

The lion

King of the sea

The herring

Sheep's eyes

Looks of love

Bird of peace

The Dove

The olive branch

A symbol of peace

Morganatic marriage

Marriage of a king or queen or one

of royal rank to one of a lower rank


The head of the Roman Catholic Church

The Pope


The head of the Church of England

The Queen and then

the Archbishop of Canterbury


Bird of Jove

The eagle

Bird of Juno

The peacock


Bird of night

The owl


American leopard

The jaguar


John Bull

An Englishman



A Londoner


The fourth estate

The Press


The sinews of war



Gentlemen of the robe

The legal profession


The sterner sex



The fairer sex



Flower of the flock

The best child of a family


Land of the Leal



Lent Lily

The daffodil


Ocean greyhound

A swift ship


House of correction

A prison, penitentiary


A man of letters

A scholarly author


Jack Tar

A seaman



Name by which

Something is known

Abysmal Abyss
Accidental Accident
Acoustic Sound
Adventurous Adventure
Alpine Alp
Alsatian Alsace
Alvine Belly
Angelic Angel
Anserine Goose
Apiarian Bees
Aquatic Water
Aquiline Eagle
Artful,artless Art
Ashen Ash
Asinine Asses
Aspen Asp
Athletic Athlete
Attractive Attract
Auctorial Author
Auditory, Aural Hearing
Autumnal Autumn
Autumnal Autumn
Avuncular Uncle
Beneficial Benefit
Biblical Bible
Bovine Cattle
Brumal Winter
Canadian Canada
Canine Dogs
Cantabrigian Cambridge University
Cantuarian Canterbury
Caprine Goats
Cardiac Heart
Cautious Caution
Celestial Heaven
Cerebral Brain
Chaotic Chaos
Charitable Charity
Childish Child
Choral Choir
Chromatic Colour
Circular Circle
Comfortable Comfort
Comical Comic
Conjugal Matrimony
Connubial, nuptial Marriage
Continual,continuous Continued
Corvine Crow
Courageous Courage
Courageous Courage
Criminal Crime
Crinal Hair
Culinary Kitchen
Customary Custom
Cypriot Cyprus
Dangerous Danger
Decisive Decide
Defensive Defend
Descriptive Describe
Diluvial Floods
Disastrous Disaster
Diurnal Day
Ducal Duke
Energetic Energy
Enthusiastic Enthusiasm
Equatorial Equator
Equestrian, Equine, Callabine Horses
Equinoctial Equinox
Erotic Love
Essential Essence
Extensive Extend
Famous Fame
Fatherly Father
Favourable Favour
Feline Cats
Ferine Wild Beasts
Ferrous Iron
Filial Son or Daughter
Fishy Fish
Flaxen Flax
Fluvial River
Foliar Leaves
Foolish Fool
Forceful,forcible Force
Forensic Court
Fortunate Fortune
Fraternal Brother
French France
Funicular Rope
Furious Fury
Gingival Gums
Glorious Glory
Glossal Tongue
Grievous Grief
Gubernatorial Governor
Guttural Throat
Habitual Habit
Helpful Help
Hieratic Priesthood
Honourable Honour
Humorous Humour
Imaginary Imagine
Instantaneous Instant
Insular Island
Italian Italy
Joyful,joyous Joy
Labial Lips
Lachrymal Tears
Lacteal Milk
Lawful Law
Leonine Lion
Leporine Hares
Lifelike,lively Life
Lucermal Lamp
Lunar Moon
Lupine Wolf
Luxurious Luxury
Magnetic Magnet
Manly Man
Maritime, Marine Sea
Maternal Mother
Matinal Morning
Mechanical Machine
Memorial,memorable Memory
Merciful Mercy
Meritorious Merit
Metallic Metal
Mischievous Mischief
Monetary, pecuniary, fiscal Money
Motherly Mother
Mountainous Mountain
Mournful Mourn
Musical Music
Nasal Nose
National Nation
Natural Nature
Nautical Ships or Sailors
Naval Ships
Nocturnal Night
Noticeable Notice
Numismatic Coins
Occasional Occasion
Oceanic Ocean
Official Office
Olfactory Smelling
Ovine Sheep
Oxonian Oxford University
Palatial Palace
Parental Parent
Parochial Parish
Parochial Parish
Pastoral, Bucolic Shepherds
Paternal Father
Pauline The Apostle Paul
Pavonine Peacock
Peristeronic Pigeons
Petrine The Apostle Peter
Picturesque Picture
Piscatory Fishing
Piscine Fish
Pitiable Pity
Plentiful,plenteous Plenty
Pluvial Rain
Pneumatic Air
Poetical Poet
Popular,populous People
Porcine Swine, Pigs
Praedial Land
Predicatory Preaching
Primeval First Age
Primitive Prime
Prophetic Prophet
Prosperous Prosper
Providential Providence
Psittaceous Parrots
Pulmonary Lungs
Punitive Punish
Quarrelsome Quarrel
Respectable Respect
Rhythmical Rhyme
Rural,rustic Country
Sacerdotal Priests
Sartorial Tailor
Scientific Science
Sebaceous, adipose Fats
Senile OldAge
Sensible Sense
Sericate Silk
Shavian Bernard Shaw
Sheepish Sheep
Skilful Skill
Slothful Sloth
Smoky Smoke
Sociable Social
Solar Sun
Sororal Sister
Spanish Spain
Spirituous Spirit
Stannic Tin
Stellar Stars
Studious Study
Talkative Talk
Terpsichorean Dancing
Terrestrial Earth
Textile Weaving
Tidal Tide
Tiresome Tire
Titular Title
Tonsorial Barber
Turkish Turk
Urban Town or city
Uxorial Wife
Valiant Valour
Vernal Spring
Vesper Evening
Victorious Victory
Vigorous Vigour
Visual, Optical Seeing
Volcanic Volcano
Vulpine Fox
Warlike War
Welsh Wales
Wintry Winter
Witty Wit
Womanly Woman
Wooden Wood
Woollen Wool
Zealous Zeal




During my Digital Media, Multimedia and some AIT or VET courses I got my students to work on The S.T.E.A.M.E.R book of knowledge, especially advanced students that complete tasks ahead of time, this was my fall back lessons for those clever or advanced students, they were asked to pick one of the areas of study and create a cover page, find some interesting facts and put their findings into a chapter of the book The book was 138 pages long at my retirement from teaching.


STEAMER Stands for

Science, Technology, English, Arts, Mathematics, Enivironment and Religion


For those students that presented work on English we gathered a lot of useful reference information that became a STUDENT's COMPENDIUM here are some samples of student work

Explanation for Compendium
File Includes
ANU - Australian National University
An acronym is a pronounceable word formed from the first letter (or first few letters) of each word in a phrase or title. Sometimes, the newly combined letters create a new word that becomes a part of everyday language. An example of this is the acronym radar.
Adjectives are words that describe or modify other words * Priest = Sacerdotal
Apes - gibber, Camel live in Australia, Sahara & Arabia names = Bull - is called a heifer
Opposites = Absent - present
SC005_Big_Words for small
Anger - Dudgeon * bold - Audacious
A partner in crime - accomplice
A passage between the pews in a church - Aisle
Council, an administrative or advisory body, do not confuse with counsel, advice or guidance. Homonyms
Aberdeen - The Granite City The Torrid Zone has the hottest climate Zinc - Mexico, U.S.A., Spain
SC013 Death Words pertaining to Occurring after death - posthumous
Cask - casket   
Matthew Flinders -discovered Bass Strait. * Lord Robert Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scouts in 1908
Aloof -To keep to oneself and not mix with others.
Actor - Actress
SC013_Geography The Circumference of the earth is approxinmately 24,800 miles.
SC014_Gods War - Mars
SC015_Government Australian Government
SC016_Grammar Explains various uses of nouns verbs etc.
SC017_Human_Relationships THE ART OF LIVING - Consideration for the feelings of others
SC018_Inventions Clock (pendulum) - Christian Huygens
SC019_Kings_Queens of UK EGBERT 827 - 839
SC020_Literary A book in which the events of each day are recorded - Diary
SC021_Marriage A hater of marriage - misogamist
SC022_Medical A disease confined to a particular district or place - endemic
SC044_Metaphors Metaphor is a figure of speech that makes an implicit, implied, or hidden comparison between two things that are unrelated
SC023_Miscellaneous All Fools' Day - 1st April - Aussie slang - sounds that things make etc.
SC024_Nouns sit - seat (when to use Nouns)
SC025_Names Boys & Girls names explained
SC026_Nature A four-footed animal - quadruped
SC027_Negatives That which cannot be pierced or penetrated - impenetrable
SC028_Numbers A number of fish taken in a net - catch, haul
SC029_Opposites Unable to read - il-literate
SC030_Patron Saints St. George of England, St. Andrew of Scotland
SC031_Places A place where fishes are kept - aquarium
SC032_Possessive_Case Is the case which denotes the owner or possessor
SC045_Phobias Noctiphobia - Fear of the night
SC033_Professions The commander of a fleet - Admiral
SC034_Similes Archates - a good friend * Belt = to hit below the belt
SC035_Proverbs A bad beginning makes a good ending.
SC048_Sayings as a drowned rat. - as ancient as the sun—as the stars.
SC036_Science_and_Arts An instrument for detecting earthquakes - seismograph
SC037_Scientific_Terms The science of land management - agronomics
SC038_Seven_Wonders The Pyramids of Egypt
SC039_Synonyms abandon....... desert, forsake, leave.
SC040_War Nations carrying on warfare - belligerents
SC041_Weddings 7th year—Copper or Brass
SC042_Words_to_Verbs strong - strengthen
SC043_Other Any other items that might be of interest
SC044_Metaphors Metaphor is a figure of speech that makes an implicit, implied, or hidden comparison between two things that are unrelated
SC045_Phobias Noctiphobia - Fear of the night
Occurring after death - posthumous

Thesaurus - abandon = abandoned, abandoning, abandonment, abandons affluent =having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value,words explained and incorrect use of words

SC048_Sayings as afraid as a grasshopper.
SC049_UrbanMyths The floor was dirt.  Only the wealthy had something other than dirt, hence the saying "dirt poor." 

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