Numbers Words denoting
A number of sheep flock

A number of whales, porpoises school, gam
A number of herrings, mackerel shoal
A number of fish taken in a net catch, haul
A small number of birds, e.g. partridge covey
A number of asses pack
A number of horses, ponies, etc. driven together drove
A number of cattle or swine feeding or driven together herd

A number of oxen or horses (two or more) harnessed together team
A number of birds, bees or insects moving together flight
A number of peacocks muster
A number of wolves, hounds pack
A number of leopards leap
A number of geese gaggle
A number of bees, locusts swarm
A number of larks or quails- bevy
A number of bees living in the same place hive
A number of ants, rabbits, living in the same place nest
A number of horses kept for riding, racing, breeding stud
A number of lions, monkeys troop
A number of rooks building
A number of cats clowder
A colony of seals rookery
A number of mules baren
A number of chickens hatched at the same time brood
A number of young pigs, dogs, cats brought forth at one birth litter
A number of kittens kindle
A number of hares down
A collection of fowls, ducks, etc. poultry
A number of hawks cast
A number of wild geese, swans in flight skein
A collection of wild animals menagerie, zoo
A number of people at church congregation
A number of people listening to a concert or lecture audience
A number of people looking on at a football match, etc. spectators

A number of people collected together in the street crowd
A number of people gathered together for some common purpose gathering, assembly, society
A group of people who get together to work for some cause or common interest coterie
A number of disorderly people mob, rabble, canaille
A number of savages horde
A number of singers in a church choir
A collection of angels host
A number of artistes, dancers troupe
A number of actors company
A number of servants staff
A number of persons, of the same race, character, etc. tribe
A number of people following a funeral cortege
A number of beautiful ladies bevy
A number of soldiers army, troop, battalion, regiment
A number of sailors manning a ship crew
A number of workmen, prisoners, thieves gang
A collection of slaves gang, coffle
A number of policemen called to quell a riot posse
A number of jurymen engaged on a case panel
A number (more than two) of Judges, Bishops bench
A number of Directors of a company board
A collection of poems anthology
A collection of books library
A number of pictures, curiosities collection
A collection of pearls rope
A collection of flowers bouquet
A collection of flags bunting
A number of drawers chest
A number of ships fleet
A number of Merchant Ships protected by warships (in war time) convoy
A collection of dried plants herbarium
A number of nuts, grapes on a bunch cluster
A number of trees clump
A large collection of trees forests
A collection of wood, hay, corn, piled together stack
A cluster of houses in a village hamlet
A number of stars grouped together constellation
A collection of rays pencil
A collection of eggs clutch
A set of furniture, rooms suite
A quantity of woollen thread skein
A quantity of bread baked at the same time batch
A mass of hair shock, fell
A number of hired applauders, i.e. persons paid to clap claque
A bundle of hay truss
A collection of tools set

A set of bells placed together for a tune to be played on them carillon




For those students that presented work on English we gathered a lot of useful reference information that became a STUDENT's COMPENDIUM here are some samples of student work

Please note there are some excellent links to assist with these pages

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Please note there are some excellent links to assist with these pages

see at the end for the links for further information. 

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