Possesive Case



Possesive Case


Possessive Case or Genitive
The Possessive (or Genitive) is the case which denotes the owner or possessor, e.g. Uncle's bicycle; ladies' hats; children's toys. The Possessive Case is very important. Study the following rules.

Rules for forming the Possessive Case
The Possessive Case of Nouns is formed by adding 's (apostrophe s) to the singular:

e.g. The boy's ball; The child's toys; The man's hat.

If the plural ends in s the apostrophe only is added
e.g. The boys' ball.

If the plural does not end in s then the apostrophe s ('s) must be added: e.g.

The children's toys; The men's hats.

With abstract nouns ending in ss or ce the apostrophe only is added. These are usually found in such phrases as for goodness' sake; for righteousness' sake; for conscience' sake.
The sign of the possessive is put on the last word of—
Compound Nouns: e.g. He lives at his father-in-law's house.
Nouns in apposition: e.g. Rover, the parlour-keeper's dog, bit a customer.
Nouns followed by a qualifying phrase: e.g. The Duke of Windsor's memoirs.
As regards English Names note the following: We say Jones's birthday but the Joneses' residence.




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