Definition of Metaphor

Metaphor is a figure of speech that makes an implicit, implied, or hidden comparison between two things that are unrelated, but which share some common characteristics. In other words, a resemblance of two contradictory or different objects is made based on a single or some common characteristics.

In simple English, when you portray a person, place, thing, or an action as being something else, even though it is not actually that “something else,” you are speaking metaphorically.


For example, the phrase, “My brother is the black sheep of the family,” is a metaphor because he is not a sheep, nor is he black. However, we can use this comparison to describe an association of a black sheep with that person. A black sheep is an unusual animal, which typically stays away from the herd, and the person being described shares similar characteristics.


Furthermore, a metaphor develops a comparison that is different from a simile, in that we do not use “like” or “as” to develop a comparison in a metaphor. It actually makes an implicit or hidden comparison and not an explicit one.


So how do we use metaphors in computing


1We use Icons

Apple icon.   Windows Movie Maker IconWinAmp icon.  Nero Burning Rom icon. 

The word "icon" is derived from the Greek word eikon, meaning likeness or portrait. It was adopted by the computer world in the early 1980's as a means to help users find desired programs on their computer. While many icons are direct graphic renderings of company names, such as Apple's bitten apple icon (which quietly alludes to the Book of Genesis), programs such as Windows Movie Maker often use the image of something directly associated with the content, in this case a film reel (though the Maker cannot edit celluloid film!). If you look around, you'll find many icons are actually carefully chosen metaphors, such as WinAmp's lightning bolt or Nero's flame. An icon is a program's tatooed face in a software crowd, conveying an individual message about itself that can be recognized instantly.


Explain what you think the following metaphors mean



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And write what you believe they refer to




From the list below find a metaphor that would suit the description

(use Clip Art or the Internet)


Answers will vary


Metaphor or Icon



Bus: Bits commute each day on a data bus. Data is a group of objects.


Window: Opening a new window lets more enlightening in! A program exists in an outside space.


Frame: Frames compartmentalize screen space. An overlap of space is an (undesirable) overlap of concept.


Desktop: My desktop is cluttered with icons. A visual surface is a physical surface.


Open/Close: Windows, programs and ports may be opened or closed. To open is to start, and to be open is to be susceptible to change.


File: A corrupt file wreaks havoc on the computer. Data is physical and discrete, occupying space.


Folder: A folder may have any number of files within. Files are objects that can be grouped.


Space: I've not much space left on my hard drive. Data takes up finite physical space.


Port: A port is a transfer point for shipping data. Data transfers on a liquid. But use a computer port.


Tools: A program's tools never need sharpening! Data is physically altered by a program.


Cut: I cut out part of a speech by Mayor Nagin. Data on the screen is as if on paper.


Clipboard: The excerpt sat on my clipboard awaiting pasting. Data may be physically picked up and held.








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