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These tutorials have been created from various Internet sites and have been modified by myself, and in some instances have been reworked or completely re-written to suit my classes.

There is an abundance of on line tutorials and most are very useful, however I have had to modify these for high school students and simplify or removed parts of advanced sessions; if students are keen enough they will progress by looking at the links provided.

Therefore you should treat these as introductory or beginning tutorials. The easiest start at 100 and progress in difficulty through that range. Where possible I have included links to sites and apologies for any that I might have missed.



Suitable For
MWP 100 Basic Using Word Introduction to The Word Environment  
MWP 101 Header and Footer

Using Headers & Footers in Microsoft Word

MWP 102 Calendar Sample Create a 12 month calendar perpetual-calendar
MWP 103 Mail Merge Mail Merge Create a new data source
MWP 104 Reference Fields

Pre Requisites : Some knowledge of computer, file management and saving opening files. Covers using Table of Contents Headings and Referencing in a document.

MWP 106 Tab Settings Tabs in a menu or document  
MWP 107 Table Tools

The Table function enables you to easily and efficiently type
 information that is to be aligned in columns and rows, beg. a price list, an invoice etc.

MWP 108 Summarize Internet Searches How to use Auto Summarize  
MWP 109 Basic Drawing Some drawing techniques in Word- Stars, Banners, Shapes  
MWP 110 Basic Word Exercises This – worksheet will take you through the basics of Microsoft Word, there are several versions so some screens will look different to the ones shown here. start Formatting text  
MWP 111 Basic Word Summary

Creating New Documents - Travel

MWP 112 Using templates Create different styles by importing templates MWP 112 Random Report
MWP 113 Using macros

First decide what your macro is going to perform. Let us create a macro to automatically create a standard header and footer.

MWP 114 Using Toolbars

To reset the toolbars Right-click on one of the toolbars. You should see a Context menu.

MWP 115 NSW Holidays How to use Table of Contents and Indexes creating a holiday brochure importing various documents Zip file with documents MWP 115 NSW Holidays S
MWP 116 Recruitment Brochure Make a Resume  
MWP 117 Travel Company Exercise Create a letter about holidays for Mr Wilson For each new document you create, Word will number it sequentially,  die Document 1, 2, 3 etc. until you save it.  
MWP 118 Using the Data Merge

Using the Data Merge Manager to create Form Letters, Labels and Envelopes First we need to create a data file, if you have completed MW 213 or a previous data creation course your will have a database in Excel ready to use.

MWP 118 cust_data


Excel data file

MWP 119 Create a Newsletter A template ready to use as a Newsletter, Instructions for creating this newsletter are included in the articles of the newsletter. Students complete each section  
MWP 120 How to draw in word Add a New Blank page then click on Window Arrange All so you can work on the blank page and see the instruction page split below. Learn how to draw using Word Tools  
MWP 121 Report writing

The aim in report writing is to present a businesslike message in as clear a form as possible.  Emphasis is placed on correctness, conciseness and clarity.

Random Report1
MWP 122 Create NSW Flyer

Create a travel brochure for NSW Tourist Bureau add photos (from the internet – copyright free) and create nice headers as styles and a more professional font and layout.  Finished document should be a four or three page A4 flyer. Students can use MWP 119 Create a Newsletter

MWP 123 Create a poster

Acquire a few posters. Copy them for the class to view on paper or overhead projector. If you have a computer projector, save them as a file. Show these to the students.

Students create a poster
MWP 124 Australian Mammals test

Create a new brochure using photos and text below but recreated to have images in line with text, better titles and font and improved layout. Add styles TOC to a document

MWP 125 Word TOC Australian Cities Add styles to a document  
MWP 126 Word Processing Test Q Only word processing MWP 126 Word Processing Test S
MWP 127 Create a 3 Fold Brochure Create an advertising document for a band  

Think you are ready?

Take the test exercise MWP 128 Take the Office Quiz

Using most Office programs, see how much you really know covers word, excel, power point and publisher

MWP 129 Take the Office Quiz S
MWP 130 Create a Letter

Use your existing product details to create a Letterhead. Add text box change colour and fit the box as header. Insert another text box and type text which should be put over the first text box, this is the details of your letterhead, it should incorporate:
Name of Company, address, phone, web and Email details

MWP 131 Letter Sample

Pre Requisites : Some knowledge of computer, file management and saving opening files. Covers a look at the windows, toolbars and basic page layout


MWP 132 Create a Letterhead Open Microsoft Word create a letterhead document page in portrait A4 size
MWP 133 Create a Resume

You are applying for a position in a computer-related job advertised in last Saturday’s West Australian Newspaper. Include you name, age address and phone fax E-mail details (Use fictitious ones if you wish) however the letter MUST LOOK PROFESSIONAL

MWP134 Drawing in Word Faces

Drawing in Word or Power Point can be a more powerful aspect than you might imagine, if you do not have Corel, Adobe or a dedicated drawing package then Word or Power Point is your answer, and you may be surprised at how powerful it can be

MWP 135 Drop Caps review To select drop caps select the paragraph that you wish to place the drop cap on, from the format menu go to drop caps and select the type of drop cap you require inside, in margin Use different types of drop caps
MWP136 Font_Set Look at different fonts using a font template  
MWP 137 Speech to Text Use your voice to enter text on your Mac Only on some versions of Word
MWP138 To insert a Grave press Option To insert special characters like   à, è, ì, ò, ù  
MATH118 Creating maths fractions Creating fractions in Word see also mathematics



MWP 110 Basic Word Exercises
MWP 111 Basic Word Summary
MWP 112 Using templates
MWP 113 Using macros
MWP 114 toolbars
MWP 115 Drop Caps review
MWP 116 Recruitment Brochure
MWP 122 Create NSW Flyer











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