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Quiz No.
each set 15 questions with answers
Quiz No.
each set 15 questions with answers
Entertainment 001 Who had a hit with 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore'? Entertainment 051 Which rap star was born Curtis Jackson?
Entertainment 002 What was the name of the number one single from the album
'Scary Monsters' by David Bowie?
Entertainment 052 What is the name of the Australian wind instrument made from
bamboo, made famous by Rolf Harris?
Entertainment 003 'Give us a twirl' is one of many catchphrases used by which entertainer? Entertainment 053 Which actress has starred in the TV series The Darling Buds of
May and Where The Heart Is?
Entertainment 004 Who took over the role of 'Helen Herriot' from Carol Drinkwater in the TV series All Creatures Great and Small? Entertainment 054 Which crime fighter was played on film by Kevin Costner and on
TV by Robert Stack?
Entertainment 005 Which long-running TV comedy series features the married couple 'Howard and Pearl'? Entertainment 055 David McCallum and Joanna Lumley starred in which TV series?
Entertainment 006 Who had hits in the 1960s with 'England Swings' and
'Little Green Apples'?
Entertainment 056 Who played the title role in the TV series Hadleigh?
Entertainment 007 Who connects the hits 'Any Dream Will Do' and 'Too Many Broken Hearts'? Entertainment 057 Who had a hit in 1965 with 'Go Now'?
Entertainment 008 Who directed the 2003 film Hulk? Entertainment 058 In which year did the film Four Weddings and a Funeral win a
'BAFTA' Best Film award?
Entertainment 009 Which of the following thespians was not born in Australia _
Nicole Kidman, Leo McKern, Geoffrey Rush?
Entertainment 059 Which cult musical features the character of Frank N Furter?
Entertainment 010 Which group recorded the 2004 album, Hopes And Fears? Entertainment 060 Who played the role of the 'agony aunt' in the TV comedy
series Agony?
Entertainment 011 Oz Which TV series is set at Waratah National Park? Entertainment 061 What was the name of the film released in 1953 featuring two couples taking part in the London to Brighton Vintage Car Race?
Entertainment 012 Which Australian singer won a Grammy for the song, 'I Am
Entertainment 062 Which American disc jockey is credited with inventing the
phrase, "Rock and Roll"?
Entertainment 013 Who had a hit with 'You Win Again'? Entertainment 063 Who directed the 1955 film To Catch A Thief starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant?
Entertainment 014 Who composed the theme of the Pink Panther films? Entertainment 064 Which disc jockey presented the TV programme Pop Quiz?
Entertainment 015 The phrase 'Book 'em, Danno' was associated with which
TV show?
Entertainment 065 Who presented the comedy series Through the Cakehole?
Entertainment 016 TV's London's Burning features which fire station and watch? Entertainment 066 What is the name of the archaeology-based TV programme hosted by Tony Robinson?
Entertainment 017 What film featured Richard Dreyfuss sculpting a mountain out of
mash potato?
Entertainment 067 Which group had a hit in 1963 with 'Sweets for My Sweet'?
Entertainment 018 Who wrote the play A Man For All Seasons? Entertainment 068 The songs 'Getting To Know You' and 'Hello, Young Lovers' are
from which musical?
Entertainment 019 On which radio programme did the characters 'Major Bloodnok'
and 'Henry Crum' appear?
Entertainment 069 Which important event was shown on TV on 20 July 1969?
Entertainment 020 Who wrote the musical Oklahoma? Entertainment 070 'Sicknote' is a character in which TV series?
Entertainment 021 What was the name of the horse in the TV series
Steptoe and Son?
Entertainment 071 Who played 'Ilya Kuryakin' in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.?
Entertainment 022 Which musical featured the song, 'Memory' a hit record for
Elaine Paige?
Entertainment 072 Which actor won an Oscar for his role in the 1971 film The French Connection?
Entertainment 023 What does the 'T' stand for in 'James T. Kirk' of TV's Star Trek? Entertainment 073 Robert Carlyle starred in which TV series about a Scottish policeman?
Entertainment 024 Which plumber features in a popular video game? Entertainment 074 What make of car does 'Inspector Morse' drive in the TV series of the same name?
Entertainment 025 Which singer was originally known as Gerry Dorsey? Entertainment 075 Which famous actor starred in both Some Like It Hot and The Odd Couple?
Entertainment 026 Which arch foe of Batman was played on screen by Jack
Entertainment 076 Who starred in the film The Sound of Music?
Entertainment 027 Which singer's trademarks were a top hat and cane, and an
athletic side kick?
Entertainment 077 Jeff and Beau Bridge's father appeared in many films including Airplane. What is his name?
Entertainment 028 In the TV comedy series Roseanne, what is the name of
Roseanne's sister?
Entertainment 078 Brothers Jake and Elwood liked which kind of music?
Entertainment 029 In which fictional city does Clark Kent work for the Daily Planet
Entertainment 079 Which film, set in Nevada, starred Elvis Presley as Lucky Jackson?
Entertainment 030 Who played the parts of the con men in the film The Sting? Entertainment 080 Who starred in the film Dances with Wolves?
Entertainment 031 Were the Oscars first awarded in (a) 1928, (b) 1929 or (c) 1930? Entertainment 081 Who starred in the film Annie Hall?
Entertainment 032 The song 'Somewhere My Love' is the theme tune of which film? Entertainment 082 Tom Cruise starred in a film based on a John Grisham novel. What was the film?
Entertainment 033 What accent connects the film characters of Mrs Doubtfire and
Entertainment 083 In which year was the 'Dulux' dog born?
Entertainment 034 Who starred in the 1961 film Blue Hawaii? Entertainment 084 From which film and stage show did the song 'If I Were A Rich Man' come?
Entertainment 035 Which duo's fan club is known as, The Sons of the Desert? Entertainment 085 For which Olympic Games did Whitney Houston record the song
'One Moment in Time'?
Entertainment 036 What did 'J. R.' stand for in the character played by Larry
Hagman in Dallas?
Entertainment 086 During the filming of Twister, a Boeing 707 was used to generate some of the high winds necessary for the plot? True or false?
Entertainment 037 Who were Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield better known as? Entertainment 087 Which singer, who died in 2003, had a huge hit with the song, 'Addicted To Love'?
Entertainment 038 Which role does Anthony Hopkins play in the film
The Silence of the Lambs?
Entertainment 088 What was the film character of Marion Crane doing when she was brutally murdered?
Entertainment 039 Who played the title role in the TV series The Equalizer? Entertainment 089 Which of the Mr Men wears a black top hat and monocle?
Entertainment 040 'If I Ruled The World' is a song from which musical? Entertainment 090 Which Sydney born actor played the title role in the 2004 film Van Helsing?
Entertainment 041 Who played 'Edward' in TV's Edward and Mrs Simpson?    
Entertainment 042 The Hollies were formed in 1962 in which city?    
Entertainment 043 The Colbys was a spin off from which TV soap?    
Entertainment 044 How many friends are there in the TV programme of the
same title?
Entertainment 045 Who played the president in the film Air Force one?    
Entertainment 046 What was the name of the 1957 war film based on the life of
Douglas Bader?
Entertainment 047 Which group sang with Ian Dury?    
Entertainment 048 The TV series Poldark was set in which county?    
Entertainment 049 Who plays the male lead in the films Something's Gotta Give and
As Good As It Gets?
Entertainment 050 Sergeant 'Pepper Anderson' was a character in which TV series?    


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About these quizzes

These quizzes are for general purpose as Quiz Night type quizzes and should not be mistaken for Exam questions, they are simply to use as general quizzes and can be used for relief lessons or quiz nights or as a general quick subject quiz for students.

NOTE: most quizzes are being updated so this is a work in progress.

I ran a quiz each week in the computer lab with one question per week pasted on the notice board, on Fridays at morning recess I would draw entries out of a bag (A4 Envelope) and for the correct answer a prize was given to the wining student (usually a Crunchie Bar).

On Friday recess I then ran a quick 10min quiz on any topic and these became quite popular, so I have put together many quizzes over several years and from various quiz books that I purchased. Here are some of the quizzes, many starting around 1997-8 so some may now be slightly outdated but I am certain you can modify the questions to bring them up to date.



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