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27 Geography Quizzes (15 per gage with answers)

Geography Quizzes 15 questions per page with answers
Geography 001 Kampuchea is now the official name of which country? Geography 015 We call this place Leghorn; what do the Italians call it?
Geography 002 Where in the world would you find Central Park? Geography 016 What is Formosa now called?
Geography 003 Where is the Statue of Liberty? Geography 017 What is the national language of Brazil?
Geography 004 Which is the world's smallest continent? Geography 018 What record does Mount Whitney hold?
Geography 005 What does the Monument in London commemorate? Geography 019 What is the capital of Chile?
Geography 006 How many Scilly Isles are there: 14, 40 or 140? Geography 020 To which country do the Azores belong?
Geography 007 Which city is on the Tigris river? Geography 021 What happens at Oberammergau, Bavaria, every ten years?
Geography 008 What is the United States' busiest airport? Geography 022 At which London cemetery is Karl Marx buried?
Geography 009 Which Mediterranean island lies close to a smaller island called Gozo? Geography 023 What is the capital of Malaysia?
Geography 010 What does 'Mediterranean' mean? Geography 024 What, exactly, was the Golden Arrow?
Geography 011 Which country was awarded the George Cross in 1942? Geography 025 The Balearic Islands are part of which country?
Geography 012 Which continent contains more than 50% of the world's
Geography 026 To which country do the Galapagos Islands belong?
Geography 013 Where in London is 'Poets' Corner'? Geography 027  
Geography 014 The old country of Babylonia is now called?    


About these quizzes

These quizzes are for general purpose as Quiz Night type quizzes and should not be mistaken for Exam questions, they are simply to use as general quizzes and can be used for relief lessons or quiz nights or as a general quick subject quiz for students.

NOTE: most quizzes are being updated so this is a work in progress.

I ran a quiz each week in the computer lab with one question per week pasted on the notice board, on Fridays at morning recess I would draw entries out of a bag (A4 Envelope) and for the correct answer a prize was given to the wining student (usually a Crunchie Bar).

On Friday recess I then ran a quick 10min quiz on any topic and these became quite popular, so I have put together many quizzes over several years and from various quiz books that I purchased. Here are some of the quizzes, many starting around 1997-8 so some may now be slightly outdated but I am certain you can modify the questions to bring them up to date.





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