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History (Subject)

100 History Quizzes (15 per page with answers)

History 001 Who was king of England in the year AD1000? History 051 Who was king of England in the year 1700?
History 002 In which year did William the Conqueror order the Domesday Book to be compiled? History 052 What did the USA purchase from France for 15 million dollars in 1803?
History 003 By what nickname was Sir Henry Percy, son of the Earl of Northumberland, who was killed at the battle of Shrewsbury in 1403, generally known? History 053 King Edward VII opened which major museum at South Kensington on 26 June 1909?
History 004 Who was king of England in the year 1200? History 054 When did Eva Peron of Argentina die?
History 005 Which English king lost his only son when the 'White Ship' sank in the Channel in 1120? History 055 What did Russia sell to the US in 1867?
History 006 What important social registry was begun in 1836? History 056 Who met at the Munich Agreement of 1938?
History 007 King Edward III defeated which fleet at Winchelsea in 1350? History 057 What did the Jameson Raid into the Transvaal on 29 December 1895 lead to?
History 008 The foundation stone of which London Cathedral was laid in 1675? History 058 Which London department store opened on 15 March 1909?
History 009 What set sail from Spain to England in 1588? History 059 Which Mediterranean island became an independent republic in 1960?
History 010 Who was accidentally killed by Sir William Tyrel in the New Forest
in 1100?
History 060 In which German city were the Holy Roman Emperors elected and, from 1562, crowned?
History 011 Who was king of England in the year 1300? History 061 Which famous London theatre burned down during a performance in 1613?
History 012 In what movement of the 15th century did Philipp Melanchthon and Ulrich Zwingli play prominent parts? History 062 In 1007 King Ethelred II (the Unready) paid pounds 30,000 to the
Danes to guarantee freedom from attack for two years. This was one of several payments known as what?
History 013 What began in Pudding Lane and ended in Pie Corner? History 063 The 'Plantation of Ulster', involving the confiscation of land
from the native Irish and the introduction of settlers from the
mainland of Britain took place under which king of England?
History 014 Who commanded the Spanish and Papal forces which defeated the Turks at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571? History 064 The union of which two countries was formalized by an Act of
Union in 1536?
History 015 In memory of what was Battle Abbey in Sussex founded? History 065 Who was king of Great Britain in the year 1800?
History 016 Elizabeth of Hungary lived from 1207 to 1231 and married to the Landgrave of Thuringia. What happened to her in 1235? History 066 In which decade of the 19th century was gold discovered on the
Witwatersrand in the Transvaal, South Africa?
History 017 In which year did the Battle of Agincourt take place? History 067 'What hath God wrought' was the first message transmitted from
Washington DC to Baltimore in 1844 using which then-new
method of communication?
History 018 By what nickname is Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (1428_71) often known? History 068 Which king of England was the illegitimate son of a
tanner's daughter?
History 019 The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and the British prime minister Clement Attlee were both born in the same year. What year was it? History 069 Around the year 1000, Leif Ericson is thought to have journeyed
to and explored what?
History 020 Which decade did the poet W. H. Auden describe as 'a low dishonest decade'? History 070 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark between 1804 and 1806 led
an expedition across what stretch of then unexplored territory?
History 021 Philip the Bold, John the Fearless and Philip the Good were all
dukes of what?
History 071 Which was the first European country to begin importing slaves
from Africa?
History 022 In which year was the Festival of Britain held? History 072 President Abraham Lincoln represented which political party?
History 023 Who became king of Scotland in 1040? History 073 Babar (or Babur) (1483 to 1530) was the first emperor of which
dynasty in India?
History 024 In which year was the House of Commons established in
History 074 In which year did German troops reoccupy the Rhineland as part
of the repudiation of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?
History 025 Edward Hawke, George Rodney and John Jervis all achieved
distinction as what?
History 075 Where did Roosevelt and Churchill meet at a conference in
January 1943 to plan Allied strategy in the latter part of
World War II?
History 026 Charles the Bald, Charles the Wise and Charles the Affable were
all kings of which European country?
History 076 Whom did Henry II succeed as king of England in 1154?
History 027 Jane Shore, Nell Gwyn and Lillie Langtry were all famous
as what?
History 077 What did Lord Nelson lose in 1794 in an attack on the town of
Calvi in Corsica, his arm or his eye?
History 028 Ada Augusta Lovelace (1815_52) is famous for her work in which
History 078 Who was the last Plantagenet king of England?
History 029 Knut Sveinsson was the Danish name of which king of England? History 079 Which island became a dependency of Norway in the 9th century
and was ceded to Scotland in 1266?
History 030 The poet Robert Browning and Alfred Krupp the founder of the
famous German steel and armaments firm were both born in the
year of a famous military disaster. What year was it?
History 080 Who wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Man?
History 031 What is the English term for the drink known in Scotland as
History 081 Which famous London market moved from central London to a more southerly site in 1974?
History 032 The Battles of Lansdown, Roundway Down, Newbury and
Langport were all fought during which war?
History 082 Who is the current Duke of Cornwall?
History 033 Who was murdered in 1916 by being shot and then thrown into
the River Neva?
History 083 President McKinley of the United States died on 14th September
1901, following what?
History 034 Where did King Charles I raise his standard at the beginning of
the English Civil War?
History 084 In 1747 Johann Sebastian Bach presented his 'Musical Offering'
to which king?
History 035 For her activities in what field is Selina, Countess of Huntingdon
(1707_91) famous?
History 085 Francisco Pizarro, the Spanish conqueror, overcame which
people, and where, in 1533?
History 036 In which century was the National Debt established in England? History 086 Parliament passed the Stamp Act in 1765 to tax which group of
History 037 Who was king of England in the year 1500? History 087 Who was William McKinley?
History 038 Malcolm Canmore, Donald Bane, William the Lion and John de
Baliol were all at various times kings of which country?
History 088 Which European country overthrew its monarchy and became a
republic on 5th October, 1910?
History 039 In which year was Robert the Bruce crowned king of Scotland? History 089 Who was Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova?
History 040 Who was the mother of Mary Queen of Scots? Anne of Austria,
Margaret of Scotland, or Mary of Guise?
History 090 What was the Stern Gang in Palestine?
History 041 What did the diplomat Jean Nicot (1530_1600) introduce into
History 091 By what name is Siddhartha Gautama better-known?
History 042 Which archbishop of Canterbury held out his hand to the fire in
which he was about to be burned as a punishment for signing a
recantation of his Protestant principles?
History 092 Which driverless, computer-run railway began operating on 30th
July, 1987?
History 043 Anne of Austria was the mother of which French king? History 093 Who in 1895 set sail from Boston on the first solo round-theworld
History 044 In which battle of World War I were angels reported to have
fought beside the British troops?
History 094 Which well-known Irish political party was founded in Dublin in
History 045 Who was king of England in the year 1600? History 095 What was the name of the wife of King Louis XVI of France?
History 046 In which year was Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother born? History 096 What flag was first adopted in Britian in 1606?
History 047 What was the name of Christopher Columbus's flagship on his
expedition of 1492?
History 097 Which Chinese dynasty ruled between 1368 and 1644?
History 048 Which king of England set out on a crusade to Palestine in 1190? History 098 What was the R101 and what happened to it?
History 049 What makes Pope Adrian IV unique? History 099 Who was 'Lord Haw Haw'?
History 050 The architect Louis Le Vau began the extension and remodelling of which French palace in 1661? History 100 Which well-known priest was excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church in 1521?

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About these quizzes

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On Friday recess I then ran a quick 10min quiz on any topic and these became quite popular, so I have put together many quizzes over several years and from various quiz books that I purchased. Here are some of the quizzes, many starting around 1997-8 so some may now be slightly outdated but I am certain you can modify the questions to bring them up to date.






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