100 Sports Quizzes (15 per page with answers)

Quiz No. each set 15 questions with answers Quiz No. each set 15 questions with answers
Sport & Leisure 001 Was the first FA Cup Final held in: (a) 1868, (b) 1872 or
(c) 1876?
Sport & Leisure 051 In what sport were Flach and Seguso a famous partnership?
Sport & Leisure 002 'Seasiders' is the nickname of which football team? Sport & Leisure 052 In which year was the Ryder Cup established?
Sport & Leisure 003 Edgbaston is the home ground of which County cricket team? Sport & Leisure 053 Who knocked England out of the 1986 Football World Cup Finals?
Sport & Leisure 004 Which country did Lennox Lewis represent when winning
Olympic gold?
Sport & Leisure 054 How many pieces does each player start with in the game of
Sport & Leisure 005 In Golf, what is the term used for two under par at a hole? Sport & Leisure 055 Who is the voice of BBC Golf?
Sport & Leisure 006 'Old Trafford' is the ground of which football team? Sport & Leisure 056 Who was appointed Ryder Cup captain for Europe in 2005, for
the 2006 tournament?
Sport & Leisure 007 In American football, which player scores, 'the point after'? Sport & Leisure 057 If you were at the Augusta National Club, what sport would you
be watching?
Sport & Leisure 008 In which Olympic Games were women's athletic events included
for the first time?
Sport & Leisure 058 If you were watching the 'Addicks', what football team would you
be watching?
Sport & Leisure 009 Which three football teams were promoted to the Premiership in
1997 only to be relegated the following year?
Sport & Leisure 059 If a cricket umpire holds both arms straight up in the air, what is
he indicating?
Sport & Leisure 010 In athletics, how many events are there in a heptathlon? Sport & Leisure 060 In 1988, which sport regained its Olympic status after a 64-year
Sport & Leisure 011 Over which course is the Whitbread Gold Cup run? Sport & Leisure 061 For which country does footballer George Weah play?
Sport & Leisure 012 The motorcycle road race held on the Isle of Man is called the TT.
What does TT stand for?
Sport & Leisure 062 Who was the most expensive footballer in the Brazilian squad for
the 1998 Football World Cup?
Sport & Leisure 013 In Lawn Bowls what is the target ball known as? Sport & Leisure 063 Who won the first Johnnie Walker Golf World Championship
in 1991?
Sport & Leisure 014 In which sport would you find, Fenders, Mothers, Sheets and
Sport & Leisure 064 In which sport do competitors land in the telemark position?
Sport & Leisure 015 At which sport does Jane Sixsmith represent England? Sport & Leisure 065 Which country did Dino Zoff famously play football for?
Sport & Leisure 016 For which Formula One team did Nigel Mansell win the World
Drivers' Championship?
Sport & Leisure 066 In what sport do you score by dunking a ball?
Sport & Leisure 017 Where do Surrey County Cricket Club play the majority of their
home games?
Sport & Leisure 067 Which footballer became the most expensive defender in the
world in May 1998?
Sport & Leisure 018 Name Queens Park Rangers' home ground. Sport & Leisure 068 If you were in the Maracana Municipal Stadium what sport would
you be watching?
Sport & Leisure 019 If I was sitting on the 'Strip', watching the 'Christmas Tree' and
revving my 'Rail', what sport would I be taking part in?
Sport & Leisure 069 Abel Resino holds the record for the longest period without
conceding a goal. What Spanish football team was he playing for
when he achieved it?
Sport & Leisure 020 What was Nigel Benn's fighting nickname? Sport & Leisure 070 Which Scottish club did Alex Ferguson leave to manage
Manchester United?
Sport & Leisure 021 With which sport do you associate Michael Doohan? Sport & Leisure 071 How many years are there between Jimmy Connors' first win at
Wimbledon and his last?
Sport & Leisure 022 True or false, the Tour de France always takes place exclusively
within France?
Sport & Leisure 072 Who scored the winning goal in the 1987 FA Cup Final?
Sport & Leisure 023 What makes Sculls different to conventional rowing? Sport & Leisure 073 Who won the 1980 FA Cup Final?
Sport & Leisure 024 Which sport do the Hawthorn Hawks play? Sport & Leisure 074 What is the name of Derby County's former ground?
Sport & Leisure 025 In Snooker, how many points is the blue ball worth? Sport & Leisure 075 For which swimming stroke do competitors start in the water, as
opposed to diving in?
Sport & Leisure 026 Where were the 1968 Olympics held? Sport & Leisure 076 Who became the oldest player to play in the NBA in April 1997?
Sport & Leisure 027 Which female British Athlete won the New York marathon in
Sport & Leisure 077 Where do Wolverhampton Wanderers play football?
Sport & Leisure 028 Name New England's American Football Team? Sport & Leisure 078 In what country was Martina Hingis born?
Sport & Leisure 029 In American football, how many points are awarded for a field
Sport & Leisure 079 In a Rugby maul is the ball being carried or is it on the floor?
Sport & Leisure 030 Which winter sport does ex-England Cricket Captain David Gower
regularly take part in at St Moritz?
Sport & Leisure 080 Who is the only heavyweight boxing champion to have won every
professional fight in his career?
Sport & Leisure 031 What is the diameter of a Basketball hoop; 30cm, 40cm, 45cm
or 50cm?
Sport & Leisure 081 What football team won the English Coca Cola Cup in 1997?
Sport & Leisure 032 When England and Australia play for the Ashes, the contents of
the urn are reputed to be what?
Sport & Leisure 082 Was Alan Ball in England's World Cup winning football team?
Sport & Leisure 033 Which English club's football supporters would you
associate with the song 'You'll Never Walk Alone'?
Sport & Leisure 083 Iwan Thomas runs what athletic event for Great Britain?
Sport & Leisure 034 Cowdray Park in Sussex is England's premier venue for which
Sport & Leisure 084 What sport do you associate Mike Hailwood with?
Sport & Leisure 035 How many properties are there on a Monopoly board? Sport & Leisure 085 In 1997 why couldn't the Grand National be staged on the
correct day?
Sport & Leisure 036 Which cricketer became the first professional captain of the
England team in 1953?
Sport & Leisure 086 Which female murder suspect in the game of Cluedo is
Sport & Leisure 037 Which boxer was world heavyweight champion between 1937
and 1949?
Sport & Leisure 087 FITA is the governing body of which sport?
Sport & Leisure 038 Which projectile was originally called the Pluto Platter? Sport & Leisure 088 What was the English football team's song for Euro '96?
Sport & Leisure 039 Which two male swimmers hold the record of seven medals in a single Olympic Games? Sport & Leisure 089 Who was the first Australian driver to be crowned Formula One
World Champion?
Sport & Leisure 040 With which sports are Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe associated? Sport & Leisure 090 In what sport would you do a Harai goshi?
Sport & Leisure 041 What do the initials EWCB stand for with regard to a sporting
Sport & Leisure 091 What sport do Rodber and Ubogu play?
Sport & Leisure 042 Which soccer star is England's most capped goalkeeper? Sport & Leisure 092 What is the nickname of Australia's international rugby union
Sport & Leisure 043 In 2002, who became the first British athlete to win four
European titles?
Sport & Leisure 093 What is the women's equivalent to the Davis Cup in tennis?
Sport & Leisure 044 How many seconds did it take Vinny Jones to be booked in his
match on 19 January 1991?
Sport & Leisure 094 Which individual won six gold medals at the 2002
Commonwealth Games?
Sport & Leisure 045 Which country's international football team are nicknamed The
Sport & Leisure 095 Who holed the first televised 'hole in one'?
Sport & Leisure 046 How many games did it take Jimmy Greaves to score his
351st goal?
Sport & Leisure 096 Who is the only man to have won World Titles at both motor
cycle and car racing?
Sport & Leisure 047 Which Pro American football team play in San Francisco? Sport & Leisure 097 Who was the first British golfer to win the US Masters?
Sport & Leisure 048 What are auctioned at Tattersalls? Sport & Leisure 098 Which Australian was crowned Men's Singles champion at
Wimbledon in 1987?
Sport & Leisure 049 What name is given to the Japanese art of cultivating miniature
Sport & Leisure 099 Sheikh Mohammed is involved in what sport?
Sport & Leisure 050 In which country was the 1982 football World Cup held? Sport & Leisure 100 Which US state's baseball team are known as The Diamondbacks?



About these quizzes

These quizzes are for general purpose as Quiz Night type quizzes and should not be mistaken for Exam questions, they are simply to use as general quizzes and can be used for relief lessons or quiz nights or as a general quick subject quiz for students.

NOTE: most quizzes are being updated so this is a work in progress.

I ran a quiz each week in the computer lab with one question per week pasted on the notice board, on Fridays at morning recess I would draw entries out of a bag (A4 Envelope) and for the correct answer a prize was given to the wining student (usually a Crunchie Bar).

On Friday recess I then ran a quick 10min quiz on any topic and these became quite popular, so I have put together many quizzes over several years and from various quiz books that I purchased. Here are some of the quizzes, many starting around 1997-8 so some may now be slightly outdated but I am certain you can modify the questions to bring them up to date.


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