as a drowned rat.

as active as quicksilver.

as afraid as a grasshopper.

as ageless as the sun.

as agile as a cat—a monkey.

as alert as a chamois—as a bird in springtime.

as alike as two peas.

as alone as a leper—as Crusoe.

as ambitious as the devil—as Lady Macbeth.

as ancient as the sun—as the stars.

as angry as a wasp.

as arid as the sands of Saraha.

as artificial as clockwork—as made ice.

as audacious as the day.

as awful as justice—as thunder—as silence.

as awkward as a cow on ice.

as bad as the itch—as a blight.

as bald as a coot—as a billiard ball—as an egg.

as bare as a stone—as winter.

as barren as winter rain.

as bashful as a schoolgirl.

as beautiful as the sunset—as the rainbow.

as big as an elephant—as a whale.

as bitter as hemlock—as wormwood—as gall.

as black as ebony—as Erebus—as pitch—as a starless night—as soot.

as blameless as the snow.

as blank as an empty bottle.

as blind as a bat—as ignorance.

as blithe as May.

as blue as indigo—as forget-me-nots.

as blunt as a hammer—as the back of a knife.

as dreary as an Asian steppe—as an empty house.

as drunk as a top—as fish—as a beggar.

as dry as dust—as a bone.

as dull as ditch water—as lead.

as dumb as an oyster—as a mouse.

as eager as a bridegroom.

as easy as pie—as shelling peas—as lying.

as elastic as a caterpillar.

as eloquent as Cicero.

as elusive as quicksilver.

as empty as an idiot's mind—as space.

as enticing as a riddle.

as essential as the dew.

as expensive as glory.

as fabulous as Aladdin's ring.

as faint as the hum of distant bees.

as fair as the morn—as truth—as Eve in Paradise.

as faithful as the dog—as the sun.

as faithless as fair weather.

as false as dice.

as familiar as an oath—as a popular song.

as far apart as the poles.

as far as the poles asunder.

as fast as light—as an eagle—as a storm.

as fat as a porpoise—a sheep's tail—as a distillery pig.

as fiat as a pancake—as flat as the fens of Holland.

as fickle as the weather—as friends—as the sea.

as fidgety as an old maid.

as fierce as a famished wolf—as wolves.

as firm as faith—as adamant—as rocky mountains—as steel.

as fit as a fiddle.

as fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians—as fate.

as flabby as a sponge.

as fleece—as ivory—as a lily.

as fleet as a greyhound—as Diana—as the wind.

as flimsy as gauze—as gossamer.

as foolish as a calf.

as foul as slander—as a sty.

as frail as a lily—as flowers—as glass.

as free as a breeze—as thought—as a fly.

as fresh as dew—as a sea breeze—as a rose.

as friendless as an alarm clock.

as friendly as a puppy.

as frightened as Macbeth before the ghost of Banquo.

as frigid as an iceberg.

as frisky as colts.

as frizzled as a lawyer's wig.

as fruitful as Egypt.

as full as an egg is of meat.

as game as a fighting cock.

as garrulous as a magpie—as an old maid.

as gaudy as a butterfly.

as gay as a bullfinch—as larks—as the spring.

as generous as a dream—as a lord.

as genial as sunshine.

as gentle as a fawn—as a turtle dove—as sleep—as falling dew.

as glad as a fly—as a blooming tree.

as glib as glass.

as gloomy as night.

as glorious as the sun.

as glossy as a mole—as the finest silk.

as glum as an oyster—as mud.

as gluttonous as curiosity.

as good as gold—as a play.

as gorgeous as a Sultana—as the Heavens.

as graceful as a fawn.

as gracious as the morn—as a duchess.

as grand as a victory—as a Greek statue—as the world.

as grave as a judge.

as great as a lord.

as greedy as a hog—as a cormorant.

as green as grass—as a leaf.

as grey as time—as smoke.

as grim as death—as hell.

as haggard as spectres.

as hairless as an egg.

as hairy as a mastodon—a spider.

as handsome as paint.

as happy as a lark—as a child—as a lord.

as hard as flint—as granite—as steel.

as harmless as a babe.

as harsh as truth—as a grating wheel.

as hasty as fire.

as hateful as death—as hateful as hell.

as haughty as the devil.

as healthy as a May morning.

as hearty as an oak.

as heavy as lead.

as helpless as a babe.

as hideous as the witch of Endor.

as high as Heaven—as the stars.

as hoarse as a raven.

as hollow as a drum.

as honest as a mirror.

as hopeful as the break of day.

as horny as a camel's knee.

as horrid as a murderer's dream.

as hot as pepper—as hell—as fire—as molten lead.

as hueless as a ghost.

as huge as high Olympus.

as humble as a worm—as Uriah Heep.

as humorous as wind.

as hungry as a wolf—as a bear—as the grave—as a church mouse.

as hushed as midnight.

as idle as a Lazzarone—as air.

as ignorant as a child.

as illimitable as the boundless sea.

as illusive as a dream.

as immaculate as an angel.

as immense as the sea.

as immortal as the stars.

as immutable as the laws of the Medes and the Persians.

as impatient as a lover.

as imperishable as eternity.

as impetuous as a poet.

as inconstant as the moon—as the waves.

as indolent as an old bachelor,

as industrious as an ant.

as inevitable as death,

as inexhaustible as the deep sea.

as inexorable as the grave,

as inflexible as a granite rock,

as innocent as a lamb—as a babe,

as invisible as the air.

as jealous as a Spaniard—as a cat.

as jolly as a shoe brush.

as joyful as a fly.

as joyous as the laughter of a child.

as jubilant as old sleigh bells.

as keen as a razor—as hunger—as mustard.

as killing as a plague.

as kind as consent.

as knowing as the stars.

as languid as a love-sick maid.

as lasting as the pyramids.

as lavish as the moon.

as lawful as eating.

as lawless as the stormy wind.

as lax as cut string.

as lazy as a toad—as a lobster—as a ship in the doldrums.

as lean as Sancho's ass—as a lath—as a skeleton.

as lenient as soft opiates to the mind.

as level as a pond.

as liberal as the sun.

as lifeless as the grave.

as light as down—as air—as cork—as a feather.

as lithe as a panther—as a tiger.

as little as Tom Thumb—as a squirrel.

as lively as a cricket.

as loathsome as a toad.

as lonely as a deserted ship—as the Arctic Sea.

as loquacious as Polonius.

as lost as Eden.

as loud as thunder—as a horn.

as lovely as Venus—as the violet,

as low as the grave,

as lowly as a slave,

as loyal as a dove.

as mad as a hatter—as a March hare

as magnanimous as Agamemnon.

as malicious as Satan.

as mean as a miser.

as meek as a dove—as a mouse.

as merciless as the grave—as Othello—as ambition.

as merry as a lark.

as merry as spring.

as mild as a dove—as moonlight.

as mischievous as a kitten—as a monkey.

as mobile as humanity.

as modest as a dove—as a primrose.

as monotonous as the sea.

as motionless as a corpse.

as mournful as the grave.

as muddy as sheep dogs.

as mum as an oyster.

as mute as the tomb—as the grave.

as mysterious as an echo—as a sphinx.

as naked as night—as a peeled apple,

as natural as life.

as nearsighted as a mole.

as neat as a nail—as ninepins.

as needful as the sun.

as nervous as a mouse.

as new as day.

as nice as ninepence.

as nimble as a lizard—as quicksilver.

as noiseless as a shadow.

as noisy as a menagerie.

as numerous as the sands upon the ocean shore.

as obedient as a puppet—as the scabbard,

as obnoxious as an alligator,

as obstinate as a mule—as a pig.

as old as creation—as Methuselah—as Trilobites.

as opaque as the sky.

as open as a smile.

as opposite as the poles.

as pale as Banquo's ghost—as death.

as passionate as young love.

as patient as the hours—as Job.

as peaceful as sleep.

as persistent as a mosquito.

as piercing as light.

as placid as a duck pond.

as plain as a pikestaff.

as playful as a rabbit—as kittens.

as pleasant as health.

as pleased as punch.

as plentiful as blackberries.

as plumb as mastiffs.

as polite as wax.

as poor as a church mouse—as Job.

as populous as an ant hill.

as positive as a Scotsman.

as powerful as death—as a lion.

as powerless as an infant.

as pretty as a picture—as paint.

as progressive as time.

as proud as a peacock—as Lucifer.

as punctual as springtime.

as pure as a lily—as winter snow—as faith.

as quarrelsome as the weasel.

as quick as a flash—as quick as thought.

as quiet as a mouse—as a lamb.

as ragged as Lazarus.

as rapid as lightning.

as rare as a blue rose—as rare as a comet.

as ravenous as a winter wolf.

as real as the stars.

as rebellious as the sea.

as red as a cherry—as blood—as a poppy.

as regal as Juno.

as regular as sunrise.

as relentless as fate.

as remote as a dream.

as resistless as the wind.

as restless as ambition—as the sea.

as rich as Croesus—as a Creole.

as rosy as a bride—as the morn.

as rotten as dirt.

as rough as hemp—as a storm.

as round as the O of Giotto.

as rude as a bear.

as rugged as a rhinoceros.

as ruthless as the sea.

as sacred as a shrine.

as sad as night—as doom.

as safe as a tortoise under its shell—as a blackhouse—a sardine.

as salt as a sea sponge—as brine.

as saucy as the wave.

as scarce as hen's teeth—as feathers on a fish.

as secret as thought.

as secure as the grave.

as seedy as a raspberry.

as selfish as a fox.

as senseless as stones.

as sensitive as a flower.

as serious as a doctor—as an owl.

as shallow as a pan.

as shameful as a sin.

as shameless as a nude statue.

as shapeless as an old shoe.

as sharp as a razor—as a thistle.

as short as any dream—as the life of a wave.

as shy as the squirrel—as the fawn.

as sick as the dog.

as silent as thought—as a stone.

as silly as calves.

as simple as A.B.C.—as a child.

as sincere as sunlight.

as sleek as a mouse.

as sleepless as owls.

as slippery as ice—as a serpent.

as slow as a snail.

as sly as a fox.

as small as atoms.

as smart as a sixpence—as paint.

as smooth as ice.

as snow-

as sober as a Judge.

as soft as wool—as velvet—as fur—as silk.

as solid as bricks.

as solitary as a tomb.

as soothing as the breath of spring.

as sour as lime.

as spacious as the element.

as speechless as a stone.

as spineless as a jelly fish.

as spiteful as a monkey.

as spotless as snow—as lilies.

as spruce as an onion.

as stale as old beer.

as stately as an oak—as a queen.

as steadfast as the sun.

as stealthy as a cat.

as stiff as a stone—as a ramrod.

as still as a log—as a statue.

as stink as a polecat—as carrion.

as straight as a candle—as a lance.

as strange as a vision.

as strong as Hercules—as brandy—as Samson.

as stubborn as a mule.

as stupid as a sloth—as a log—as a post.

as subtle as a serpent.

as sudden as a snap—as lightning.

as sulky as a bear.

as superfluous as a fifth wheel.

as superstitious as sailors.

as supple as a snake.

as sure as a gun—as sunrise—as death.

as suspicious as a cat.

as sweet as a rose—as sugar.

as swift as an arrow—as lightning—as a flash—as thought.

as talkative as a magpie.

as tall as a steeple.

as tame as a sheep.

as taut as a fiddle string.

as tedious as a guilty conscience.

as tender as a bud—as a lamb—as tears.

as terrible as Jove—as hell.

as thick as ants—as thieves—as hail.

as thin as a wafer—as a groat—as a lath.

as thirsty as a sponge—as Tantalus.

as thoughtless as a lark.

as tidy as a candy shop.

as tight as a drum head—as teeth.

as timid as a mouse—as a fawn.

as tired as tombstones.

as tough as leather—as nails.

as trackless as the sea—as the desert.

as tranquil as the summer sea.

as transient as lightning.

as transparent as glass.

as treacherous as the memory.

as tricky as an ape.

as trivial as a parrot's prate.

as troublesome as a monkey.

as true as the gospel—true as steel.

as truthful as a knight of old.

as tuneless as a bag of wool.

as ugly as a scarecrow—as sin—as a bear.

as unapproachable as a star.

as unattractive as gargoyle.

as uncertain as the weather.

as unchangeable as the past.

as unclean as sin.

as uncomplaining as a lamb.

as uncompromising as justice.

as unconquerable as chewing gum.

as uncontrollable as the wave.

as unfeeling as rocks.

as unhappy as King Lear.

as universal as seasickness—as light.

as unmerciful as the billows.

as unprofitable as smoke.

as unreal as a dream.

as unstable as the wind.

as unsteady as the ocean.

as unusual as a sailor on horseback.

as upright as a tower.

as useful as a cow.

as vague as a shadow—as futurity.

as vain as a peacock.

as various as the weather—as variable as the weather.

as vast as eternity.

as venomous as a snake.

as vigilant as the stars.

as vigorous as fire.

as violent as steam.

as virtuous as holy truth.

as voiceless as the tomb.

as voracious as a camel.

as vulgar as money.

as wan as moonlight—as ashes.

as warlike as the wolf.

as warm as sunbeams—as wool.

as wary as a fox.

as wasteful as a hen.

as watchful as a sentinel.

as wavering as Hamlet.

as weak as water—as a reed.

as weather-beaten as a fisherman's oar.

as welcome as a rainstorm in hell—as a star.

as welcome as dew on parched flowers.

as wet as a fish

as white as porcelain

as wide as hope.

as willful as a mule.

as wily as a fox.

as wise as Solomon.

as witless as a Jackdaw.

as yellow as saffron—as jaundice—as sulphur.

as young as morn—as dawn.

as youthful as the month of May.

as zigzag as lightning.



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