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Cinema & TV 001 What is the first name of the character played by Matthew Perry in Friends? Pop Music 001 Blockbuster's Bob Holness started life as a session musician and played saxophone on Gerry Rafferty's 1978 hit, 'Baker Street'.
True or false?
Cinema & TV 002 In which 1992 film did Michael Douglas play a homicide
detective investigating a murder suspect played by Sharon Stone?
Pop Music 002 Who recorded the theme song for the 1988 Los Angeles Olympics?
Cinema & TV 003 Which film earned Robin Williams his first Oscar nomination? Pop Music 003 Ex Happy Monday’s frontman, Shaun Ryder, went on to further success with which band?
Cinema & TV 004 Which famous Disney film used spare scenes and footage from
Pinocchio and was released in 1942?
Pop Music 004 Which Cockneys had top ten hits with, 'Rabbit', 'Ain't No
Pleasing You', and 'Snooker Loopy'?
Cinema & TV 005 Where and when did the first commercial radio station in Britain
Pop Music 005 What was Madonna's first UK number one hit?
Cinema & TV 006 Were any real pigs used in the filming of Babe? Pop Music 006 Which Pink Floyd album featured a prism and refracted light on the cover?
Cinema & TV 007 What connects Ishtar, The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen and
Heaven's Gate?
Pop Music 007 'You Were Made For Me', 'I'm Telling You Now' and 'I Understand'
were all top ten hits for which UK group?
Cinema & TV 008 In which 2001 film did Vinnie Jones play an imprisoned ex-footballer? Pop Music 008 Which Leicester band had nine top ten singles between 1975 &
1978, all cover versions of classic rock & roll songs?
Cinema & TV 009 In which Illinois town did Superman live as a youngster? Pop Music 009 Rod Stewart once recorded a song for the England football
team? True or false?
Cinema & TV 010 Which 1964 film recounted the true story of the Battle of Rorke's Drift? Pop Music 010 By what name were the band 'The Who' originally known?
Cinema & TV 011 What is the first name of Crocodile Dundee? Pop Music 011 Which singer married footballer Jamie Redknapp in 1998?
Cinema & TV 012

What film featured Richard Dreyfuss sculpting a mountain out of mash potato?

Pop Music 012 Which 1970's pop icon had alter-egos known as Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane?
    Pop Music 013 St Winifred's School Choir reached number one in 1980 with which song?
    Pop Music 014 Which group, 'Lost That Lovin' Feeling'?
    Pop Music 015 With whom did the Smurfs record their first hit, 'The Smurf
    Pop Music 016 Who sang Britain's 1991 Eurovision song contest entry, 'A Message To Your Heart'?
Cinema TV& Music POP

About these quizzes

These quizzes are for general purpose as Quiz Night type quizzes and should not be mistaken for Exam questions, they are simply to use as general quizzes and can be used for relief lessons or quiz nights or as a general quick subject quiz for students.

NOTE: most quizzes are being updated so this is a work in progress.

I ran a quiz each week in the computer lab with one question per week pasted on the notice board, on Fridays at morning recess I would draw entries out of a bag (A4 Envelope) and for the correct answer a prize was given to the wining student (usually a Crunchie Bar).

On Friday recess I then ran a quick 10min quiz on any topic and these became quite popular, so I have put together many quizzes over several years and from various quiz books that I purchased. Here are some of the quizzes, many starting around 1997-8 so some may now be slightly outdated but I am certain you can modify the questions to bring them up to date.





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