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A collection of compendium items that you will need as astudent

Tutorials Quizzes 15 questions per page with answers, included conudrums and cryptic sheets
Accreditation (Catholic essays) Abbreviations Access Number of quiz pages listed (??)

Applied Information Technology

Levels 1,2, & 3

Acronyms Corel All quizzes include answers over 600 quizzes some may need updating. Originally used 2010
About computers Adjectives Dreamweaver quizzes_cinema (12)
Art Animals Excel quizzes_dingbats Conundrums various subjects (10)
Bully Buster Antonyms Evaluations quizzes_entertainment (92)
Bush_fire - outback survival Big_Words Filemaker quizzes_famous_people (80)
Cert II Business (12 units) Business_Terms_Glossary Fireworks quizzes_general_knowledge (90)
Cert II Information Technology (14 units) Characteristics Flash quizzes_geography (27)
Computing Church Illustrator quizzes_history (109)
Digital_design Commonly_confused_words In Design quizzes_literary (15)
Economics Communication Inspiration quizzes_multi (20)
English computer_about Pages quizzes_music_tv (16)
Education_Terms_Glossary Computer_terms Paint Shop Pro quizzes_quiz_night 10 rounds of 10 questions
  Countries Photoshop quizzes_science_nature (100)

English Books (180 titles)

A collection of various authors, novels, poems and important documents to read copy and convert.

Death PowerPoint quizzes_sport (100)
Exams & Tests Diminutives   QUIZ004 Christmas Songs
Geography Educational Life skills a collection of things you need to know about life.

WAR 106 Peter's intelligence quiz

a power point fun quiz

Hass Famous_People   WAR 107 Peter's Optical Illusion
History Figurative_Expressions Lifeskills QUIZ023 General_Knowlege

ICT_Homework (50 weeks)

Homework for ICT for Cert II IT, AIT 1a &1b, AIT 2a & 2b, AIT 3a & 3b, Multimedia


flags lifeskills_away_from_home QUIZ024 Testing for Gray Cell Q
IT acronyms Gender lifeskills_core_life_skills QUIZ025 General_Knowlege 2
Lessons Planning (42) templates Geography lifeskills_dorm Table Quizzes
Mathematics Gods lifeskills_drugs QUIZ001 Table Quiz 1 Food Question Sheet
Miscellaneous Government lifeskills_first_aid QUIZ002 Table Quiz 2 Food Question Sheet
Multimedia Grammar lifeskills_greeting QUIZ003 Table Quiz 3 Food Question Sheet
Naplan Human_Relationships lifeskills_nice_thoughts QUIZ004 Christmas Songs
Quizzes (see list) Inventions lifeskills_phone QUIZ005 Trivia Brain Teasers set 01
Relief Lessons Kings_Queens lifeskills_recipes QUIZ006 Trivia Brain Teasers set 02
Religion Literary lifeskills_resume QUIZ007 Trivia Brain Teasers set 03
Science Marriage lifeskills_safe QUIZ008 Trivia Brain Teasers set 04
Soccer Medical lifeskills_travel QUIZ009 Table Quiz 4 Movies Question Sheet
Student Survival Kit Metaphors lifeskills_worse QUIZ010 Table Quiz 5 Movies Question Sheet
Technology Process Miscellaneous lifeskills_you QUIZ011 Table Quiz 6 Movies Question Sheet
Web quests Names   Other quizzes
Worksheets Nature   QUIZ012 Table Quiz 7 Cryptic Question Sheet
  Negatives   QUIZ013 Table Quiz 8 Miscellaneous Question Sheet
  Nouns   QUIZ014 QuizNight Round1 10 Questions
  Numbers   QUIZ015 QuizNight Round2 10 Questions
Home Page Opposites   QUIZ016 QuizNight Round3 10 Questions
  Other   QUIZ017 Quiz General Riddles Sheet
  Patron Saints   QUIZ018 Riddles
  Phobias   QUIZ019 Connundarums 1
  Places   QUIZ020 Kids Riddles
  Possessive_Case   Math Quizzes (5)




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I support the above to help students gain a better education



This site was established primarily as an invitation only site and was created as a resource for new teachers or teacher acquaintances. After I retired from teaching in 2010, (Although still am undertaking relief teaching in 2024) I found that I had several hundred pages of lessons, tutorials, web quests and worksheets many that I have acquired, modified but mainly created by myself specifically for the ICT area. This site contains the main subject areas, a collection of exams covering various subjects including Naplan, English, History and Information Communication Technology (ICT) all with answer sheets. There is a set of tutorials for most sofware packages Microsoft (Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe:- Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Fireworks, Flash etc. and more with ready to use exercises that also include answer sheets, there are sufficient ICT homework sheets for one per week for a whole year with solutions. There is a page covering life skills with help with living in the real world, and there is a survival kit to deal with life after high school. There are over 500 books in ready to read .NEW format, authors like Shakespeare play, Dickens, Aesop's fables, Austen etc. and more on the English books page, there is a Student Compendium with help pages for difficult words, nouns, understanding grammar, lists of famous explorers or inventors, kings and queens and proverbs or sayings. So there is a plethora of other educational pages available, advert free and available for anyone to use because I believe knowledge should be free.


When I was young student trying to get an "A" at school my dad bought us a set of Encyclopedia Britannica, which were a large set of books. With no Internet (1960's) I used to take a book to my room and read as much as I could and found the information fascinating, I also got a copy of Wilfred D Best Students'Companion which helped with my general knowledge when we went to quiz nights. After becoming a teacher I felt students should get as much general knowledge as possible so with the aid of dictionaries and reference books I started to build a collection of works as a 'student compendium'.


During my Digital Media, Multimedia and some VET courses I got my students to work on The Teacher Compendium, especially advanced students that complete task ahead of time, this was my fall back lessons for those clever or advanced students, these were asked to pick one of the areas of study and create a cover page, find some interesting facts (usually via the Internet) and put their findings into a chapter of the book The book was 138 pages long at my retirement from teaching.

Eventually I gathered sufficient to create the Student Compendium and also a Teacher Compendium, so here they are compiled items, sourced mainly by myself with student support so it might help some of you get that elusive "A" or for teachers as a resource entity.

Best of luck Peter J Faulks



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