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This site was established primarily as an invitation only site

and was created as a resource for new teachers

or for soccer coaches (which is another site that I own).

Both sites provide free resources for teachers or soccer coaches (Soccer includes over 200 ready to use training grids, drills or sessions) It also has links to State Men & State Women sessions.


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After I retired from teaching in 2010, (Although still am undertaking relief teaching in 2024) I found that I had several hundred pages of lessons, tutorials, web quests and worksheets many that I have acquired, modified but mainly created by myself specifically for the ICT area. and more with ready to use exercises that also include answer sheets, there are sufficient ICT homework sheets for one per week for a whole year with solutions. There is a page covering life skills with help with living in the real world, and there is a survival kit to deal with life after high school.

Quizzes & Exams

This site contains a collection of exams for the main subject areas, covering various subjects like Art, Geography, English, History and Information Communication Technology (ICT) including Naplan, all with answer sheets.

There are over 600 quizzes covering various subjects (or just for fun or relief lessons) again all with answers.

English Books

There are over 500 books in ready to read .NEW format, authors like Shakespeare play, Dickens, Aesop's fables, Austen etc. and more on the English books page, there is a Student Compendium with help pages for difficult words, nouns, understanding grammar, lists of famous explorers or inventors, kings and queens and proverbs or sayings. So there is a plethora of other educational pages available, advert free and available for anyone to use because I believe knowledge should be free.


There is a set of tutorials for most sofware packages Microsoft (Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe:- Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Fireworks, Flash etc.) some may now be out of date but should have sufficient to help students.



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Student Compendium a list of useful information
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Student Compendium
Specific Subject Tutorials

Accreditation 6 Essays for Catholic Accreditation

Art Abbreviations Access
Applied Information Technology English Acronyms Adobe Pen
AITStage1 History Adjectives Audacity
AITStage2 Geography Animals Corel
AITStage3 Society & Environment Antonyms Digital _design
  Mathematics Big_Words Dreamweaver
Certificate II in Business 12 Units Engineering Business_Terms_Glossary Evaluation - Evaluation forms
01Work effectively in a business environment Other Subjects (STEAM) Characteristics Excel
02Organize and complete daily work activities


Church Filemaker
03Communicate in the workplace

lots of in class quizzes

Commonly_confused_words Flash
04Work effectively with others quizzes Communication Illustrator
05Use business technology quizzes _cinema computer_about In-design
06Participate in workplace safety quizzes _entertainment Computer_terms Inspiration
07Produce simple word processed documents quizzes _famous_people Countries Multimedia
08Create and use simple spreadsheets quizzes_ general_knowledge Death Pages
09Develop keyboard skills quizzes_ geography Diminutives Paintshop
10Operate a personal computer quizzes _history Educational Photoshop
11Integrate commercial computing quizzes_ literary Famous_People Powerpoint
12Design Organizational Documents using computer packages quizzes _multi Figurative_Expressions Programming
Certificate II in Technology quizzes_ music_tv flags Soundbooth

Units for the course

quizzes _quiz_night Gender Techprocess
14 units to complete quizzes _science_nature Geography Word
01Operate A Personal Computer quizzes _sport Glossary-of-terms  
02Follow workplace safety procedures 01 Covid Quiz Gods  
03 Design organisational documents using computing packages
Life Skills
04Operate computer hardware
to help in a life crisis
05Operate computing packages life skills main page Homonyms  
06Integrate Commercial computing packages life skills_away_from_home Human_Relationships  
07Use computer operating system life skills_core_life_skills Inventions  
08Work effectively in an IT environment life skills_living in a dorm Kings_Queens  
09Communicate in the workplace life skills_drugs Literary  
10Connect Hardware Peripherals life skills_first_aid Marriage  
11Maintenance of equipment and consumables life skills_greeting Medical  
12Access and use the internet life skills_nice_thoughts Metaphors
13Work individually or as a Team Member life skills_phone tips Miscellaneous bullying
14Capture a digital image life skills_recipes Names bush_fire
  life skills_how to write a resume Nature  
Computing life skills_stay safe Negatives  
Digital _design life skills_travel Nouns  
  life skills_life could be worse Numbers  
Geography lifeskills_its all about you Opposites  
HASS Humanities   Other  
History   Patron Saints  
ICT_Homework   Phobias  
Lessons   Places  
Life skills   Possessive_Case  
Mathematics   Prefixes  
Naplan - Tests & Exams   Professions  
Relief - Relief lessons   Quotes  
Religion   Sayings  
Resources A list of teacher resource sites   science  
Scamper - A card game for all ages   Science_and_Arts  
    Zodiac_signs see individual pages for various lessons
Science Exams    
Site plan - you are here EXAM001 All About Computers Q EXAM001 All About Computers S  
Steamer - A student created reference book EXAM002 The Computer Q EXAM002 The Computer S  
Student_ Companion      
Student Survival Kit - how to survive after school      
index _tutorials - link to tutorials      
Web quests - student work with the internet      
Worksheets student worksheets lots of topics      
Soccer Coaching      
A free soccer coaching handbook      

250 soccer coaching grids with explanation for each grid, you can now download them individually or use the .zip folders,


The book covers:- attacking, defending, goal keeping, midfield play, shooting, passing, tackling and there are complete training sets for Junior, Youth and Girls, Men & Ladies teams and Semi-Professional teams with 20 weeks of training in each set.

Warm Up Grids      
Ball Skill Grids      
Match Practice Grids      
Set Pieces      
Coaching Tools      
Fun Grids      
Game Grids      
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