Homework for ICT for Cert II IT, AIT 1a &1b, AIT 2a & 2b, AIT 3a & 3b, Multimedia
HWT101 = Homework Term 1 Week 1 (with a test after each week) - HWT304 = Homework Term 3 Week 4
various ICT topics covered most for higher level ICT work (S = Solutions)
Term 1 Issue homework early and a test later in the same week. About 2-3 test per term
Week 1 Homewok HWT101_Computers Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

1 A Personal Computer 2.  Computer, Information, and Integration Literacy 3. Discarding Old Computer Equipment

HWT101_Computers S
Week 1 Homework Test 1 HWT101_Computers_Test

1. Input devices to a computer: (1 mark)

  1. Process data ready for the output.
  2. Collect data for entry into a computer.
  3. Include monitors as an example.

2. ROM is a type of computer memory. It: (1 mark)

  1.    can store programs that cannot be changed.
  2.     process data.
  3.    is a temporary type of memory.
HWT101_Computers_Test S
Week 2 Homework

HWT102_Computer_Software Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

1 Computer Power
2 Computer Software

HWT102_Computer_Software S

Week 2 Homework Test 2 HWT102_Computer_Software Test

1. One function of an operating system for a personal computer is: 1 mark

   1. to organize the use of memory in the computer.
   2. to do the calculations that programs use.
   3. to produce the data for peripherals such as printers.

HWT102_Computer_Software Test S
Week 3 HWT103_Digital Media Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

3.             Computers, Data, Information, and Processing

 4.             Digital Media, Digital Students, and the ARCS Motivational Model

HWT103_Digital Media S

Week 4

HWT104_Networks_Internet Q

7.             Networks

8.             The Internet
HWT104_Networks_Internet S
Week 5

HWT105_Computers_In_Education Q  

9.   Computer Technology as used in Education

10. Headset Does Not Synchronize

HWT105_Computers_In_Education S
Week 6

HWT106_Comunication Q

1.               What Is Communications?

 2.             Communications Networks
HWT106_Comunication S
Week 6 Test

HWT106_Comunication Test

1. One advantage of using a computer for controlling many situations is: 1 mark

  1. computers are cheap
  2. computers never break down
  3. computers can respond very quickly to situations
HWT106_Comunication Test S
Week 7

HWT107_LAN_Networks Q

3.             Local and Wide Area Networks

HWT107_LAN_Networks S
Week 8

HWT108_Internet Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

5.             The Internet

6.             How the Internet Works

7.             Eliminating Pop-Ups

HWT108_Internet S
Week 8 Test

HWT108_Internet Test

1. A browser:

  1. is a piece of hardware that allows you to look at web pages
  2. is a piece of software that allows you to look at web pages
  3. is a search engine
HWT108_Internet Test S
Week 9

HWT109_World_Wide_Web Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

7.             The World Wide Web

8.             How a Web Page Works

9.             Images Not Being Displayed

HWT109_World_Wide_Web S
Week 10

HWT110_Searching_the_Web Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

9.             Web Browser Software

10.             Web Search Tools

11.             New Browser Windows

HWT110_Searching_the_Web S
Week 11

HWT111_Multimedia_and_Web Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

11.             Multimedia on the Web

12.             Other Internet Services

13. Wrong Web Site

HWT111_Multimedia_and_Web S
Week 12

HWT112_Netiquette Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

           13.             Netiquette and Security
HWT112_Netiquette S
Term 2

Homework semester break HWT113 The Digital Home

Completed the following pages…

  1. In the tables, below find three (3) rooms in your house where technological items Microwave, Fridge, Cooker, TV, Video, Computers etc. have been replaced by new items.
  2. list any two (2) items of equipment that, over the past twenty or so years has been replaced by new technology in this room.


HWT113 The Digital Home S
T2 Week 1 HWT201_Applications Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

1.               Application Software

2.             Role of the Operating System

3.             Program Not Responding 

HWT201_Applications S
T2 Week 1 Test

HWT201_Applications Test

1. An example of an information system is: 1 mark

  1. warehouse stock control
  2. temperature regulation in a greenhouse
  3. the connection between your computer and your internet provider
HWT201_Applications Test S
T2 Week 2

HWT202_Software Q

3.             Role of the User Interface

4.             Starting a Software Application

5.             Incorrect File Format 

HWT202_Software S
T2 Week 3

HWT203_Using_Software Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

5.             Working with Software Applications

6.             Productivity Software

7.             Missing Font 
HWT203_Using_Software S
T2 Week 3 Test

HWT203_Using_Software Test

1. RSI is a health risk that has been linked to using computers. What does RSI mean? 1 mark

  1. Right Steering Instructions
  2. Repeated String Idioms
  3. Repetitive Strain Injury
  4. Real Stress Injury
HWT203_Using_Software Test S
T2 Week 4

HWT204_Word_&_Excel Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

7.             Word Processing Software

8.             Spreadsheet Software

9.             Program Not Responding 
HWT204_Word_&_Excel S
T2 Week 4 Test

HWT204_Word_&_Excel Test

1. A spreadsheet package recalculates results when data is changed. 1 mark

2. Spreadsheet packages allow models to be set up with rules about how variables in a situation behave. 1 mark
True /False

HWT204_Word_&_Excel Test S
T2 Week 5

HWT205_Database_Software Q

9.             Database Software

10.             Value Too Long 

11.             Error Opening Database
HWT205_Database_Software S
T2 Week 5 Test

HWT205_Database_Software Test

1. An example of a Data item is:

   1. the music charts announced this week
   2. the weather forecast for tomorrow
   3. a sound picked up by a sound sensor

HWT205_Database_Software Test S
T2 Week 6

HWT206_Graphics_Multimedia Q

Questions:-  explain or describe
11.             Software Suites and Integrated Software

 12.             Graphics and Multimedia Software

13.             Audio Not Playing 
HWT206_Graphics_Multimedia S
T2 Week 7

HWT207_Presentation_Graphics Q

Questions:-  explain or describe
10.             Presentation Graphics Software

11.             Unusual File Size You are using photo editing software to remove red eye from a photo. After successfully removing the red eye, you save the file and notice that the size of the file nearly has doubled. What might be causing this?

12.             Inaccessible Media
HWT207_Presentation_Graphics S
T2 Week 8

HWT208_Reference Software Q

Questions:-  explain or describe
13.             Software for School and Professional Use

14.             Educational and Reference Software

15.             Incorrect Login Credentials
HWT208_Reference Software S
T2 Week 9

HWT209_Learning Aids Q

Questions:-  explain or describe   
15.             Learning Aids and Support Tools

 16.             Dead Battery 
HWT209_Learning Aids S
Term 3 Give Homework Tests Throughout the year About 2 test per term
T3 Week 1

HWT301_Bits_and_Bytes Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

1.             The System Unit

2.             Bits and Bytes

3.             Bits and Bytes calculations

HWT301_Bits_and_Bytes S
T3 Week 2

HWT302_CPU_and_Memory Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

3.             CPU and Processor

4.             Memory

5.             Problem Installing Custom Program

HWT302_CPU_and_Memory S
T3 Week 3

HWT303_Input_Keyboards Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

5.             Types of Input  (list at least 4)

6.             Keyboards

7.             Unresponsive Keyboard 

HWT303_Input_Keyboards S
T3 Week 4

HWT304_Input_Pointing_Devices Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

7.             Pointing Devices

8.             Audio and Video Input

9.             Touch Screen Problems

HWT304_Input_Pointing_Devices S
T3 Week 5

HWT305_Output_Devices Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

9.             Types of Output

10.             Output Devices

11. Monitor Not Working
HWT305_Output_Devices S
T3 Week 6

HWT306_Monitors_and_Printers Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

11.             Monitors

 12.             Printers

13.             Monitors Reversed

HWT306_Monitors_and_Printers S
T3 Week 7

HWT307_Storage_and_Drives Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

13.             Storage

14.             Floppy and Hard Disks

15.             Different Disk Capacity

HWT307_Storage_and_Drives S
T3 Week 8

HWT308_Other Storage Media Q

Questions:-  explain or describe


15.             Optical and Other Storage Media

16.            Moving Files between Computers

HWT308_Other Storage Media S
Term 4 Give Homework Tests Throughout the year About 2 test per term
T4 Week 1

HWT401_Digital_Media Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

1.  What Is Digital Media?

 2. Digital Media Applications

HWT401_Digital_Media S
T4 Week 2

HWT402_Electronic_Books Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

3. Computer-Based Training

4. Electronic Books and References

5. Web-Based Training Difficulties

HWT402_Electronic_Books S
T4 Week 3

HWT403_Digital_Media_WWW Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

5. Entertainment and Edutainment

 6. Digital Media and the World Wide Web  7. Page Not Displayed
HWT403_Digital_Media_WWW S
T4 Week 4

HWT404_Web-Based_Training Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

7.Web-Based Training and Distance Learning

8. K-12 Educational Software Applications

9. Differences between Job Descriptions Your friend, who has taken some computer courses, is undecided about becoming a graphic designer/illustrator or a desktop publisher/compositor. She asks you to list two differences between the two occupations. How will you respond?


HWT404_Web-Based_Training S
T4 Week 5

HWT405_Computer_Viruses Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

1. Computer Security Risks

2. Computer Viruses

3. Suspicious Account Transactions
HWT405_Computer_Viruses S
T4 Week 6

HWT406_Viruses_Removal Q

Questions:-  explain or describe

3. Virus Detection and Removal

 4. Unauthorized Access and Use 

5. Theft (Software Piracy Phishing)


HWT406_Viruses_Removal S
T4 Week 7

HWT407_ Copyright_Laws Q

Questions:-  explain or describe   (pick any 2)

 7.             Copyright Laws

 8.             Internet Ethics

 9.             Educational Controls

 10.             Health Issues

 11.             Emerging Technologies


HWT407_ Copyright_Laws S
T4 Week 7 Test

HWT407_ Copyright_Laws Test

1. The Data Protection Act protects files on your CD Drive. 1 mark.
True or False?

2. The Data Protection Act 1998 was brought in to: 1 mark

  1. make it illegal to copy music from CD to a computer
  2. control the way personal data is stored and give rights to data subjects
  3. give rights to the government about gathering information
  4. prevent copying of disks from one computer to another
HWT407_ Copyright_Laws Test S




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