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This site was established primarily as an invitation only site and was created as a resource for new teachers or teacher acquaintances. After I retired from teaching in 2010, I found that I had several hundred pages of lessons, tutorials, web quests and worksheets many that I have acquired, modified but mainly created by myself specifically for the ICT area.

Please report any broken links this is a large site and I am getting old!

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Prior to becoming a high school teacher I was Multimedia Officer in Charge at Curtin University (21 years), I had recently been made redundant at Curtin University (they combined all IT sections together and didn't need as many staff members) I was 51 years old, so I started my own computer training company and became an accredited software trainer, I was sub-contracted to several training companies; consequently I have developed many training packages for use in Adobe, Microsoft and other software packages and these are also available on this site.

I was at a school, training teachers to use Filemaker Pro and was asked if I was a qualified teacher? When this happened a few weeks later whilst training teachers in Flash at another school I decided to consider my options. I saw and advertisement for “male mature teachers urgently required” grants available through The Education Department, I had a BA in Social Sciences (History) and I had  Level II in Audio Visual Techniques and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, so my wife encouraged me to apply, which I did.

Anyway I was accepted and enrolled in the Grad Dip Secondary Education as a mature age student, majoring in Computing, however after a few weeks I was told I did not have the degree for Computing and there was a problem because of this, but I opted to undertake a double major with History as the second major and that sorted out the problem. I still continued to run my computer training company and with my wife’s support completed both majors.

Half way through the term we were invited to hear from principals at the private schools so I went along but took with me a small scroll that I made up and put in a small Crunchie© and a Mars©  bar and rolled these up tied with a ribbon and sealed at the ends. These I gave to each principal during tea and biscuits, one principal spoke to me later saying what I had done was not acceptable - however a few weeks later he invited me to work in the school library during semester break, to show them how to make multimedia presentations, it was a great school and they even provided teachers will free meals being one of Perth most prestigious schools.

I did a prac at Warnbro Community College and had a great teacher, where I learn some excellent techniques but I did not accept their invitation to teach there because it was an hour drive each way. I did get a call before I completed the Grad Dip from another private school, St Stephens, where their principal had enjoyed my scroll and the chocolates and invited me to an interview, which I got, and this is where I started teaching. The problem was that they were a new school and had up to year 11's and no IT teacher so I had to put together all the teaching materials that I could and teach Design and ICT. That is why I have so many documents, I scoured the world for resources and after many years of teaching here they are. This school was also an hour away through the city of Perth but I was lucky to get my final position at a private Catholic school 20 minutes away and there I stayed till I retired.

If you have been invited to this site Welcome, if you have found this site whilst browsing, that could be a bonus for you because the site is not published for public use. You should decide if you should leave or stay. Either way I feel many gigabytes of lessons, worksheets etc. would be wasted on my home computer so here they are. The topics include Naplan Tests, ICT and AIT Exam Papers, Test Papers, many Quizzes all with Answer sheets or solutions, as are most of the web quests or worksheets. There are other subjects covered but not in any great depth and I will endeavour to provide more detailed coverage so that teacher may have access to as much teaching material as possible. This resource may be of use to distance education teachers and they should feel free to enquire on any educational topic not covered on this site or request material for their particular needs.

I was strict with lessons and classroom management and insisted all mobile devices be placed on the centre table during class time, I then checked with bluetooth on my phone to see if any were still switched on! But once the students understood this they became quite cooperative prior to class work and used that time to recharge their phones. However the school moved to ipad's for everyone so that had a detrimental impact later, but I issued essays for students playing games (see Miscellaneous).

Apologies if work here has been sourced from others on the web, I believe there is plenty of material if you are willing to search; but here is my collection of material used after many years as a teacher and I believe that knowledge should be given freely. Each worksheet, lesson or tutorial is identified to a particular stream or topic as follows:

AIT, Cert II IT, Cert II Bus, Multimedia, Design, Science, Technology, Environment, Art, Math, English, Religion, Teacher Specific

The work presented here is copyright free, although some linked sites may be copyright.


Peter J Faulks
BA Soc. Sci., Grad Dip Ed (Sec), Cert IV in Training & Assessment., Cert II Audio Visual Studies., FASSA (Fellow)

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