COM100 Programing Principles Y10 Programing using Python or BASIC
COM101 Graphic Design Y9 Using ink, crayon, pen paint or  objects create on small sheets of paper, (half A4) patterns and designs which you can attach a title to i.e. Pour, Dive, Stack, Bounce (you think up the names)
COM102 Photo Emotions Graphic Design Y9

A collection of at least six photographs that represent emotions - Photographs should be mounted for presentation and stored electronically in the Portfolio

COM103 Feelings Graphic Design Y9

Using Inks Crayons or Paint create four small pictures that express a feeling i.e. Anger, Speed, Peacefulness, Winter (you decide)

COM104 Foam and Metal Graphic Design Y9doc

Using pieces of media like foam, metal, sponges, or any media you can think of, create designs using your own creativity each slide should be a double spread, two alternative pictures on one board.

COM105 Poster Graphic Design Y9

Produce a brief on advertising a product that clearly conveys a message or information.  The students should be encouraged to develop the advertisement to a marketable stage where appropriate.

COM106 EXAM Graphic Design Y9 COM106 Graphics Zip file with graphics
COM107 Big Day Out Y10

You are to design and make a poster advertising an event. Example "The Big Day Out"

COM108 Holiday Planner

You plan to visit a foreign country and create a diary of your trip, use the planner sheet to gather information

COM110 Product Power Point

You are going to produce a slide presentation of a product that you have been asked to promote, this product can be a mobile phone, laptop, MP3 player, wine, lipstick, or any other product that you want to use.

COM111 Interactive Power Point great images

You are going to create a Power Point Open the great images graphics file. You must use hyperlinks, animation and action buttons

COM112 Leeuwin Budget Excel   You will create the Cape Leeuwin Arts Society's budget for the first six months
COM113 Personal Budget Excel In small groups, discuss the average cost of living and running a house, assuming that you are sharing equally in all the costs.  Create your own personal budget
COM114 3 Fold Brochure Your favourite band is running a competition. They want to find the fan that can produce the best brochure to promote their new CD.
COM115 Create a 4 page Newsletter

In-groups of two or three you are to make a newsletter for a sporting or hobby club of your choice.

COM116 Environmental Investigation

Search the Internet, Virtual Library and any text resources that are available when answering the following questions:

  1. Make a list of all of the natural resources we use when we create digital media products.
COM117 Careers in Multimedia Group
  1. Select five (5) roles in the Digital Media Industry that interest you or maybe a possible career choice.  You are not limited by the job position listed above, you may add to this list.
COM118 Ergonomic Investigation Your answer must appear as a Computer Room Ergonomic Health poster A3 Size Portrait.
COM119 ICT Issues & Impacts Investigate, Internet or Computer Ethics or Music Industry
COM120 SLIDE SHOW- My Pospects

using Power Point that introduces and presents you as a student; or  Work Experience candidate or a potential employee.

COM121 Impacts of digital media products

Address issues concerning social, environmental and personal impacts of digital media products

COM121 Impacts of digital media Sample

COM122 Hardware and software requirements

The student is required to describe the hardware and software requirements for a specified simple information system.

COM123 Help Year 1 students to spell

Early Learning Centre need to develop a digital media presentation to help Year 1 students to spell.

COM124 Porfolio of Skills audio, graphics - bit mapped and vector based,  scanned images, video and documents


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